Is Crawl Space Encapsulation Worth the Cost?

Without a doubt, the cost of encapsulation is a top concern homeowners have. And that’s natural. Money matters, and so does your home. You want to make sure you’re using quality, cost-effective solutions to protect it.  When weighing the cost of crawl space encapsulation, it is important to consider the benefits you, your family, and your home will gain from this investment. Crawl space encapsulation is worth the cost for many reasons including your home’s protected safety and structural integrity, your family’s improved health and quality of life, better energy efficiency in your home, gaining additional storage space, and your home’s enhanced real estate value.

Protected Safety and Structural Integrity

A healthy crawl space is more likely to lead to a healthy home in general. Crawl space problems, if left alone for a very long time, can lead to such drastic things as having your floor literally collapse underneath you.

It’s important that you maintain your crawl space if you want to maintain the safety of your home as a whole. After all, your crawl space and your foundation are often very closely entwined, and taking care of your crawl space may also mean taking care of your foundation.

Moisture especially tends to attack all parts of your home, including parts that have nothing to do with the crawl space. When you invest in a crawl space encapsulation, you’re improving your whole home’s safety, not just the crawl space.

Improved Health and Quality of Life

You and your family deserve to live in a healthy home. But crawl space problems can lead to serious health concerns for anyone in your home. When air circulates through the structure, it does so through your whole home, including your crawl space.

This means that if your crawl space has a moisture problem, mold, or a fungal infestation, the spores are traveling throughout your home. It’s common for this to lead to worsening asthma or allergies and to make people feel unwell overall. Plus, what happens if the floor collapses while a family member’s walking through it?

Your family’s health should be paramount. Can you really put a price on that? That’s why it’s so vital to pay attention to your crawl space and have it properly encapsulated to keep mold, allergens, and sickness at bay.

More Functional Space and Better Energy Efficiency

Homeowners these days are longing for more room in their homes, whether it be to spread out or to use for storage. While a crawl space generally doesn’t meet codes and requirements to be used for living space, it can be used to stow away unneeded items or precious keepsakes. But why would you want to keep anything of value in a damp, wet, moldy space?

Once you properly encapsulate your crawl space, you’ll be able to use this clean, dry, and healthy area for storage without worrying about anything being damaged by nuisances like water, mold, or pests.

The cost of crawl space encapsulation is also worth it because it can save you money in the long run. A vented, unencapsulated crawl space allows outside air into your home and causes your HVAC system to work harder to temperature control the rest of your house. This results in higher energy bills. But an encapsulated and insulated crawl space can help you save 15-20% on your home’s energy use and reduce monthly bills.

Enhanced Real Estate Value

No matter when you intend to sell your home, it’s going to be on the market at some point. And you need to make sure it’s ready. Staying on top of crawl space issues is an important part of maintaining resale value for when you start thinking about it. Otherwise, you might find that when you go to sell, it’s an extensive and costly problem to fix. Why not think about the cost to encapsulate your crawl space now before it falls into even more disrepair?

The Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act requires that sellers in some states tell buyers about existing problems, which includes the crawl space. Realtors tend to discover that if you have crawl space or other problems that have been part of your home for a long time, you’ll have to reduce the price by 10%-20% to sell it.

Resale value might not be an important component of your life now, but why not prepare for the day that it will be? Crawl space encapsulation and repair allow you to make life healthier for your family right now and increase your home’s resale value in the future.

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