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How to Repair a Sagging Floor

What do you need to do if you have a sagging floor? Because there are many potential reasons for a sagging floor, there are also many potential repair options. The one you choose depends on your home’s needs and what you’re lacking.

A JES expert can help you choose between these options and any others that may be applicable to your specific situation.

Install Support Structures 

This is most effective if your floor is sagging only because of poor structural design. In these cases, a support structure, like the IntelliJack floor joist jack system, can be very effective in restoring the floor joists to their original position.

Support structures need to be able to support all the weight above them, which can be a very difficult job. That means you need to make sure you’re using a support structure that actually works well for your needs.

Although this can be very useful for issues with structural design, it’s not useful if you’re having any other problems not related to the structural design. Talk to a JES expert about whether you can use this solution for your needs.

Stabilize the Foundation

Sagging floor issues arising from a sinking foundation may benefit from a pier system. JES offers a variety of pier systems tailored to your individual home needs.

Pier systems go underneath your home, driving into the bedrock to make sure your home stays at its current height. In fact, some systems may even be able to raise a sunken home back to its original position above the soil.

This is useful in many situations, but not all. Also, because there are many different pier systems available, it’s important that you contact a JES expert, who will be able to let you know which pier system will work best for you.

Remove Crawl Space Moisture 

Moisture is an incredibly important thing to get rid of in a crawl space or basement. It can cause severe structural problems. Before you can handle sagging floor repair, you first need to seal off your crawl space to remove existing and new moisture.

This is especially true if you have very serious moisture-related problems like mold, wood rot, mildew or wet crawl space insulation. You need to get rid of that before you can put your sagging floor joists back to their normal height.

Crawl space moisture can have a very intense impact on your home. If you’re dealing with these problems, a JES expert can give you advice on how to fix it.

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