How to Repair a Concrete Porch

Once you know what’s wrong with your porch, the next problem is fixing it. How do you fix a sagging concrete porch? There are a few options you can use if you want to prop your concrete porch back up after sinking or sagging.

Concrete porch repair typically takes one of three methods. These are the most popular ways of fixing a concrete porch. 

Pressure Grouting

This method has been used for a very long time. It’s also sometimes called “slabjacking” or “mudjacking.” In this method, a repair expert drills large holes through the concrete. Then that expert pumps a strong slurry, usually of mud and concrete, into the holes and leaves it to dry.

The main reason pressure grouting is popular is that it’s been used for a very long time. However, it’s not very effective. The mud and concrete slurry often settle in a “cone” shape, not actually pushing up at the edges of the concrete porch. Plus, it’s extremely invasive and takes a long time to cure.

For all these reasons, JES doesn’t recommend using pressure grouting to help with sinking or sunken concrete. It’s more common for there to be a better option that doesn’t have these downsides.

Concrete Replacement

If your concrete porch is too far gone to be lifted back up, your only option may be to replace the concrete. This might be your only option if your concrete porch has serious cracks, including cracks that reach mostly or entirely through the concrete slab.

Concrete replacement is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. It may require your family to enter through a different door for some time as the concrete sets, and it’s a significantly invasive process.

That’s why concrete replacement should only be a consideration once you know you can’t lift the concrete slab that makes up your concrete porch. If you’re able to lift the concrete in any way, you should try that first before you replace it entirely. 

Polyurethane Foam Injection

One of the reasons pressure grouting is no longer as common as it used to be is because of polyurethane foam injection. This is what JES uses to help fix sinking or fully sunken concrete slabs, including those inside and outside your home.

With polyurethane foam injection, an expert will drill holes around the size of a penny in the concrete slab. Then they can pump polyurethane foam into the holes, which expands substantially to cover all areas underneath the slab, including the area on the edges.

In an effort to provide top-quality solutions to all homeowners, JES uses PolyRenewal, a polyurethane foam injection, to raise concrete porches and other concrete slabs. When you talk to a JES expert, you can learn about whether your home can utilize this polyurethane foam injection.

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