How Do I Reduce My Crawl Space Moisture Levels?

What’s the answer to high levels of crawl space humidity? In general, this is a multi-step process you have to be careful with. You can certainly reduce your crawl space moisture levels, but it may take some time.

These are the most common methods of reducing crawl space humidity. A JES expert can help you decide on the right one.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is a must if you have a dirt crawl space floor or other ways for moisture to seep in regularly. This closes off all ways for moisture to come in.

Typically during crawl space encapsulation, an expert will lay down a thick 20-mil vapor barrier for your crawl space, keeping the moisture on the outside of the barrier. That’s the cleanest way to encapsulate.

This isn’t a weekend project, and it requires an expert’s touch. If you want to do crawl space encapsulation right, it’s important that you contact JES to learn more about your options.

Sealing Crawl Space Doors and Vents 

As part of encapsulation, you should make sure crawl space doors and vents have the proper treatment. That means ensuring that crawl space doors close tightly, with no cracks, and vents are sealed.

Remember, open vents don’t work to keep your crawl space dry, and they might actually increase humidity. That’s just one reason you may want to seal your crawl space vents for good.

The right option can vary from home to home. What works best for you will likely not work best for people in similar but not identical situations. Trust a JES expert to do a full inspection of your home and let you know what path you should pursue.

Dehumidifiers for Your Crawl Space

In some cases, you may need dehumidifiers for the crawl space. This can be useful if you have extremely high levels of moisture in the area as a whole, which tends to move to your crawl space.

If you do need a dehumidifier for your crawl space, it’s important that you choose an energy-effective one. That way, you won’t run up your electric bill too high.

Some people may need a dehumidifier for their crawl space, while others may be able to get by just with encapsulating the space and maintaining a strong vapor barrier for the crawl space. If you’re not sure which one will work best for you, talk to a JES expert to learn more about your options.

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