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How Do I Get Rid of Water in My Crawl Space?

Plenty of problems can arise with water seepage in your crawl space. From standing water in a crawl space after heavy rain to just general crawl space moisture, you need to know who to call for water in your crawl space.

JES can help you find wet crawl space solutions. These are a few of the solutions JES can help implement in your home.

Crawl Space Sump Pump Installation 

If you’re experiencing standing water in the crawl space after rain or a water leak in your crawl space, you’re going to need to pump that standing water out before you do anything else. A sump pump can help pump that water out.

A sump pump won’t be the only facet of a solution for water under your house foundation. However, it’s an important part of making sure you’re able to remove the water and start with the crawl space cleaning.

JES’ SafeDri™ Sump Pump system helps make sure that you don’t experience flooding you can’t get rid of. It’s an important part of keeping your crawl space nice and dry. Especially if you tend to experience a lot of flooding, talk to a JES professional today about how you can take advantage of it.

Open Vent Sealing 

Many years ago, the prevailing wisdom was that open vents helped a crawl space breathe. Many experts and professionals at the time thought that open vents would make it easier to avoid crawl space moisture. Now, we know that it actually tends to create water in a crawl space after rain.

If you’re always dealing with standing water in your crawl space after heavy rain, it may be because of your open vents. Sealing those vents is step number one when you’re trying to avoid moisture in your crawl space for good.

Because open vents used to be so common with crawl spaces, JES professionals are experts at sealing them. If you currently have open vents, don’t be afraid to get in contact and learn how a JES expert can help you seal them up.

Crawl Space Encapsulation 

Especially if you have a dirt crawl space, crawl space encapsulation can help you avoid moisture in your crawl space. This process puts a crawl space vapor barrier between the exposed soil and the rest of your crawl space.

It’s important that you invest in quality crawl space encapsulation if you have a dirt crawl space. Encapsulation can help you avoid a variety of foundation problems. It also helps you avoid mold and mildew, which can cause damage and even health problems.

With the right crawl space vapor barrier, effective vent sealing, and knowledge regarding crawl space moisture, you can tackle your crawl space problems. That’s exactly what JES can help you with. Talk to a JES professional today about scheduling a free inspection.

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