How Do I Fix Wet Crawl Space Insulation?

Wet crawl space insulation can be some of the most frustrating issues to deal with. When crawl space insulation becomes wet, it loses its R-value, which is the measure of its ability to insulate things. That means if you have a crawl space insulated largely with wet or moist insulation, chances are you’re not actually getting a lot of insulation use from it.

Additionally, because crawl space insulation typically uses some sort of organic material, wet crawl space insulation is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and all sorts of other things. The only way you can really fix wet crawl space insulation is usually to replace it

The best option in this situation is to request a crawl space evaluation from one of the JES experts. These experts will give you answers that are uniquely suited to your individual situation. That way, you’ll know you’re getting the best solution for your crawl space issues, not a generic answer for crawl space issues in general.

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