What if your sump pump isn’t working, but the whole home hasn’t lost power? One possible option may be that a fuse has blown in the area that provides power to the sump pump, but the rest of the home is still benefiting from power.

Looking through your fuses can be a confusing process in and of itself. When you first get a sump pump, it may be useful to ask the individual installing your pump to show you where the fuse box is and teach you how to see whether a fuse has blown. That way, you’ll be able to look.

This is a good way to determine the problem, but it doesn’t necessarily help you fix the problem. If you’re not very repair-savvy, you might not want to handle the fuse box on your own anyway. Though it’s useful to see whether this is the problem, you might still want to contact a JES expert to get help with it.

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