What Factors Influence the Cost of Crawl Space Encapsulation?

The reason the cost to encapsulate a crawl space varies so wildly is because many different factors influence the cost. If you’re trying to build some form of crawl space encapsulation cost calculator, you’ll need to take these factors into account for your home.

When considering your encapsulation, make sure you think about these extremely important factors first.


The location of your home will actually have a pretty sizable impact on the amount you end up paying. Waterproofing crawl space cost varies a pretty substantial amount between different locations, largely because of the weather conditions in these locations.

This is a main reason that, for example, crawl space encapsulation in Richmond, VA, will cost a different amount than the cost to waterproof a crawl space in San Diego, CA. The average humidity is immensely different, meaning it’s going to cost a different amount.

If you live in a more humid city or state, it’s a good idea to invest money into encapsulation in general. However, be aware that it might also be more expensive.

Home Size 

Of course, if there’s more home to encapsulate, your cost will ultimately rise. It’s probably more accurate to think of crawl space encapsulation cost per square foot, rather than the average cost to encapsulate a crawl space in general.

Homeowners with larger homes should likely set aside more money for repairs and upkeep every year anyway. This may be a good starting point for you to begin setting aside that money.

If you have a larger house, or you have a more sprawling house with only one story, it’s probably going to be more expensive to encapsulate the crawl space. However, because it’s so expansive, it’s also extremely important to do so as soon as you can.

Condition of the Crawl Space 

If your crawl space already has water damage, you may be in a position where you actually need to consider wet crawl space repair costs before you consider the cost of crawl space encapsulation. An expert can only encapsulate the space once it’s in optimal condition; the encapsulation aims to maintain that condition.

Crawl spaces and basements with serious water damage or existing standing water should deal with those problems first. You need a foundation repair expert who can make sure your foundation doesn’t have lasting problems.

Once you’ve dealt with the wet crawl space repair cost, then you can start considering the encapsulation cost. Although they’re very much interconnected, these are still two separate costs you should consider.


It’s true: a lower-quality job done by less-invested professionals will be less expensive. You could choose poor construction to save money. However, do you really want to cut costs when it comes to something that could seriously impact your safety and your family’s safety?

Crawl space encapsulation ensures that you don’t have constant moisture in your crawl space. That moisture can lead to mold, mildew, foundation problems and other issues that can plague your home not only now but also years in the future.

You always want to budget for the highest-quality encapsulation options. It’s not enough to just have your crawl space encapsulated. You want to make sure you get a quality crawl space encapsulation that will fix your problems.

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