Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Fixes

How can you fix your crawl space vapor barrier? Consider some of these purported “fixes,” some of which won’t work and will just make your problems worse.

Sand Floors 

There is a rumor that if you lay sand down on your crawl space, you won’t have to deal with crawl space vapor barrier. Many people believe that the sand will “absorb” the moisture, making it so that the moisture isn’t a problem in your crawl space as a whole. In reality, all you’re doing is making a giant mess and making it less likely that you’ll fix your problem.

If you do add sand to the floor of your crawl space, that just means someone will have to remove the sand before laying down a crawl space vapor barrier in the future. Try to avoid the temptation to add sand to your floors in the hope that it will make your crawl space vapor barrier more effective, because it actually won’t make a difference.

Another Cheap Crawl Space Vapor Barrier 

Some people, despite having already invested in a cheap and unusable crawl space vapor barrier, proceed to then try another cheap crawl space vapor barrier the second time. This might be because they think it’s normal to have to replace crawl space vapor barriers regularly or just because they want to save money.

Regardless of the reason, installing more cheap crawl space vapor barriers just won’t work. No matter how many you install, these cheap 6-mil crawl space vapor barriers will invariably tear and break down over time. The only way to fix this problem is by installing a high-quality vapor barrier instead, which won’t break down in the same way. 

DIY Vapor Barrier Installation  

Some people believe they’ll be able to do a DIY vapor barrier to make their vapor barrier concerns go away. Instead of hiring an experienced crawl space repair expert to install a vapor barrier, they just purchase their own from an expert’s supply store, then try to install it in their own crawl space. As any expert can tell you, this is a difficult job, and it’s not one the DIY expert can do.

Invariably, a DIY crawl space vapor barrier installation can go wrong in many ways. Whether it’s not covering the entire crawl space, opening a tear in the crawl space vapor barrier, not putting the crawl space vapor barrier high enough, or some other concern, this DIY crawl space vapor barrier installation will not go well.

A Custom, Economical Solution for Your Home 

Of all these potential fixes, only this one has any actual weight behind it. When you’re looking for ways to install a crawl space vapor barrier, it’s important that you pay attention to your home’s unique needs. That’s why it’s so important that you rely on a crawl space repair expert who knows how to install and take care of crawl space vapor barriers.

Devising a custom solution to your home is crucial. No two homes are exactly the same or have exactly the same needs. Even so-called “cookie-cutter houses” all rest in slightly different locations, with the possibility of slight variance between how the homes’ foundations were prepared. That’s why you need a crawl space repair expert who knows how to take into account your needs and wishes when it comes to your crawl space.

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