Can I Fix My Leaky Water Heater?

Obviously, the ability to fix a leaky water heater instead of having to replace it is beneficial. You can avoid lots of frustration and difficulty in replacing the water heater. However, is it possible? These tenets will help you fix the water heater’s leaking. 

Install Additional Support  

Sometimes, you might just need additional support for the water heater. Some water heaters may have weak points that tend to need additional support, or else they leak. This depends highly on the water heater you have, the places the water heater is leaking, and any other issues you might be having in your basement on top of the water heater.

Additional support isn’t really something you should take on yourself. Instead, you should definitely consult a basement waterproofing expert. This expert will be able to give you more information about your water heater, any other points in your basement that need fixing, and whether you’ll be able to fix the water heater with additional support structures.  

Replace Specific Parts 

It may be that your water heater is experiencing failure in a very specific part. For example, if your temperature valve has suddenly started to leak, it may just have a defect. In these cases, it’s often enough to replace the parts of the water heater that no longer work.

Water heaters typically function under a lot of pressure with a lot of heat and steam. This combination of factors means it’s typically not safe to remove a part of a water heater without the proper training. If you’re thinking about using this fix, make sure you talk to a basement waterproofing expert first so they can disassemble the water heater correctly. 

Make Sure You’re Using the Product Properly  

It may seem silly, but a good method of double-checking your leaky water heater is to make sure you’re using it properly. Obviously, you think you’re using it properly. Most people think they’re doing everything the right way; it’s unlikely for someone to intentionally keep doing the wrong thing. However, it could be worth it to take a quick look at the instructions.

Remember that using the product properly means a lot of things. It means having fastened everything together tightly enough, having positioned it correctly, having followed all safety warnings, and more. At the very least, you should make sure you’re using it properly before moving on. 

Use Your Heater in Conjunction with Other Tools  

Although you shouldn’t trust something like a basement sump pump to take care of standing groundwater in your basement, it’s true that these tools can be very helpful for many people. If you tend to have serious issues with basement water, you might choose to install a sump pump to preemptively take care of it.

The exact tools you should use tend to vary. Some people might find a sump pump more than enough for their needs, while others may also choose a grated drain pipe. It depends on your current situation, where you want to be in the future, and what the expert believes is necessary. If you’re unsure whether or not you need the sump pump or other drain option, consider talking to an expert first so you can get an expert opinion.

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