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Can I Fix a Basement Sump Pump on My Own?

In this day of DIYs, it’s only natural to wonder whether you may be able to fix your basement sump pump for yourself. However, trying to fix a basement sump pump on your own can cause significant issues.

Plenty of Places for Something to Go Wrong 

The first thing that should dissuade you from trying to fix your basement sump pump is the fact that there are so many places for something to go wrong here. Sump pumps are very complex machines, and if you don’t take that complexity into play, you may end up making one small move and suddenly being in a situation you have no idea how to get out of.

This is exactly why so many people call a JES expert instead of doing it themselves. If you already have a sump pump, don’t waste time and energy trying to figure out how you can fix it. Just contact a JES expert, who will be able to give you a full idea of your options.

The Possibility of Breaking the Pump Even Further 

Because there are so many places for things to go wrong, it’s only natural that there would be the possibility that you would break the pump further. If you choose to DIY a fix for your broken sump pump, you run the risk of turning a minor issue into something that renders the sump pump unusable. Obviously, that’s undesirable.

If you’re currently dealing with a broken sump pump, even if the break isn’t very serious, it’s a good idea to just call in a JES basement waterproofing expert. If you try to fix it, even if the fix seems like it should be relatively easy, it’s likely to end up causing more problems than it solves.

Incorrectly Assuming You Fixed the Problem 

This is an especially dangerous problem not many people properly note. It’s easy to assume you fixed the problem, especially if the problem isn’t very obvious. Maybe you partially fixed the problem — the sump pump that wasn’t working now is working slowly — but it was enough of a fix that you didn’t realize it.

The reason this problem is especially dangerous is that when you assume you fixed the problem, you’re much less likely to seek professional help with it. In turn, it’s likely to keep getting worse again over time, likely too slow for you to notice, until it finally turns on you when you need your sump pump next. Avoiding a disaster requires that you trust an expert to fix the problem for good.

Every Basement Is Unique  

It’s important to remember that every basement has a unique set of challenges and a unique set of tools you’ll need to fix those challenges. However, as a DIYer, it’s very likely that you don’t really know how to understand more about the challenges or the tools you need to fix them. Instead, you’re mostly making semi-educated guesses.

Wouldn’t you rather put your basement in the hands of someone who has years of experience with these types of issues? It’s best to rely on the knowledge of a JES expert. With the knowledge available from a JES expert who can do an inspection of your home, it’s much easier to make sure you have the right solution.

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