Can Crawl Space Encapsulation and Pest Control Work Together?

This is one of the biggest questions in pest control. In fact, although this is often phrased as a two-sided argument, it’s far from that. Crawl space encapsulation and insulation and pest control work harmoniously to ensure safety for homeowners.

What’s the benefit of handling crawl space encapsulation and insulation and pest control at the same time? Here are a few benefits.

Termites Prefer a Moist Environment

Any reputable pest control company will tell you that termites prefer wet areas. That’s why many pest control companies are recommending encapsulation.

It’s better to maintain a dry environment in your crawl space in general. That’s especially true when it comes to pest control.

Be wary of a pest company that’s trying to tell you crawl space encapsulation isn’t necessary. It’s important to encapsulate your crawl space to avoid all sorts of issues, including pest problems.

Encapsulation and Pest Control Inspections Coexist

Crawl space encapsulation and insulation don’t have to mean it’s impossible for a pest control company to inspect the area. A sealed crawl space termite inspection is possible with the right tools.

Although moisture draws termites to your home, it’s not the only reason for termites in your crawl space. Crawl space encapsulation and insulation and termite inspection can coexist more easily than it may seem.

JES ensures a three-inch crawl space termite inspection gap from the bottom of the wooden sill in all CrawlSeal™ encapsulation systems. This maintains your home’s safety while also allowing for crawl space pest control.

Crawl Space Pest Control Starts with a Dry Environment

Sure, a dry environment won’t completely eradicate any potential for termites. However, it’s an extremely important first step for avoiding termites in your crawl space.

Every homeowner should do their best to avoid a termite infestation. It’s extremely expensive and difficult to recover from this type of infestation. Crawl space encapsulation helps you get a head start on the process.

A complete encapsulation is your best option if you want to avoid termites in your crawl space from the start. Get in contact with a JES expert to learn more about how crawl space pest control starts with encapsulation and insulation.

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