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Allergies and Respiratory Problems

When you have pests in your crawl space, mold and mildew growth, and an entrance for air, you’re going to have issues with allergies and respiratory problems in general. However, many people don’t know that this is the case. They just instead assume their allergies and respiratory problems are a part of life, and they don’t pursue things like encapsulation, which could make these problems go away or at least get easier.

The main thing that causes this is the stack effect. The stack effect is the name of the effect that happens when there’s an entrance for air in both the crawl space and the ceiling. Cool air enters the crawl space, and as it warms up, it moves up through the house. The thing is, if there are allergens in the crawl space, those allergens move up through your home, wreaking havoc on you and your family members.

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