1. Directly Moisture Related

Standing Water  

Standing water is a huge problem you need to address as soon as you see it. There are many ways standing water can exist in a crawl space. For example, you may notice it across the crawl space or only in certain spaces, which might be because your crawl space has a tilt toward a specific side of the space. 

There are also many reasons for standing crawl space water, from active leaks to condensation dripping onto the floor, and many ways you can fix it. First off, it’s important to fix any active leaks that are happening in your crawl space. Once you’ve removed the source of standing crawl space water, a sump pump may be a useful way to remove the water, whether you use it for a short period of time or you install one for good.

Condensation Droplets

Another problem that happens relates to the actual condensation droplets. Condensation occurs when the humidity in a specific area is higher than 100%. That additional humidity needs somewhere to go.

Outside, it will become rain. Inside, it usually condenses on an area that’s cooler than the surrounding area, which may be a cold water pipe or just a wall that tends to be cooler. 

It’s easier to overlook condensation than standing water because standing water tends to be more obvious, but both of these problems are incredibly important. The good news is that there are ways to avoid condensation, both by removing the source of high humidity and by installing insulation around areas that are more likely to experience condensation.

High Humidity

Lastly, many areas that have condensation also have high levels of humidity. That’s mostly because condensation forms when the relative humidity of a location is above 100%. That means the rest of the area will probably have very high levels of humidity, which can have its own issues aside from condensation and condensation droplets.

The only real way you can avoid high levels of humidity is to remove the source. You’ll probably want to install a vapor barrier and cover all crawl space vents and doors. If you still experience high levels of humidity in your crawl space, you might need to also install an energy-efficient dehumidifier in the crawl space.

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