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Foundation View March 2016

Foundation Repair For a Local Veteran

Foundation View

A soon-to-be-retired veteran had run out of options for salvaging his sinking house. His hopes of enjoying some much-deserved downtime after 31 years in the Navy were dissipated when the City found his house to be structurally unsafe. The Building Inspection Report recommended “demolition of the home,” further adding to his woes. Forced to move out, he could not afford the extensive structural work necessary to improve the property’s condition. He decided to share his seemingly insurmountable situation on a local news program. His story caught the attention of JES owners, Jesse and Stella Waltz, who were watching the special news report that evening. The Waltzes quickly sprang into action to help save his sinking home and assembled a team of partners that included engineers, an international manufacturer, the original homebuilders, and the City. The coalition donated labor and materials and worked together to perform the structural and cosmetic repairs needed…read more.

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