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Foundation Jacks: Stabilizing Your Crawl Space

Are the floors in your home uneven and sagging? Sagging floors and uneven floors are more than a cosmetic problem; they are also a safety problem. Uneven floors create a tripping hazard and indicate you may need to have foundation jacks installed.

Incorrectly installed floor joists can create additional costly repairs, so be sure your installation team is certified!

When it comes to foundation jacks there are many options, however it is important to have a clear understanding of what works and what does not.

What Does NOT Work

foundation jacks

Concrete Columns

Concrete columns are not a suitable foundation jack solution because they are not adjustable. So, if the soil under your home shifts, the columns cannot be repositioned to properly support your home’s weight. The process to install concrete columns is also very time consuming because you have to wait for the concrete to cure.

Additional Shimming

Shimming is not a long term nor safe solution to your foundation problem. Wedging lumber blocks between your failing foundation supports may provide a temporary fix, however with the integrity of your home’s supportive base being at stake, it is best not to cut corners. Plus, shimming does not lift your sagging floors back to their original position.

Light-Duty Jack Post

Light-weight foundation jacks are difficult to adjust and are not able to fully lift your sagging floors back to their original position due to their limited capacities. Plus, light-duty foundation jacks do not address the weak soil underneath your foundation.

What Does Work

What DOES work, is the IntelliJack Crawl Space Stabilizer. The IntelliJack permanently lifts and stabilizes existing beams and floor joists in your crawl space.


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IntelliJack Features and Benefits

The IntelliJack is the BEST foundation jack solution because it is:


Should further settlement occur, the IntelliJack can be adjusted to fit the needs of your home’s foundation.

Long Term Solution

Unlike temporary foundation jack solutions like shimming, an IntelliJack immediately and permanently stabilizes your home.

Addresses Weak Soil

Weak foundation soil is replaced with a special engineered fill that better supports your home.

High Capacity

The IntelliJack has the capacity to lift 60,000 lbs, the equivalent of three elephants, making it capable of lifting your walls and floors back to their proper position.

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