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Windsor Castle Condos – The Challenge

JES was contacted to help elevate condominium units that had experienced significant foundation settlement. The residents at Windsor Castle Condominiums had noticed cracks in the bricks, sticking doors and windows and other signs of settlement in varying degrees.

The residents presumed that the recent construction activities (pile driving equipment) at a nearby site had added to the settlement problems. Four buildings in the complex were affected by the settlement.

Windsor Castle Condos – The Solution

JES inspected the buildings and made recommendations for a solution that would permanently correct the settlement problems. JES recommended the installation of push (resistance) piers to transfer the weight of the structure onto deep stable soil. The push piers were driven to a depth of approximately 75 feet deep. This push pier system was recommended because of its relative ease of installation and long term stability. The push piers also cause no vibrations to other structures during installation.

Windsor Castle Condos – Project Summary

The JES push piers were able to lift and stabilize the affected areas of the structures. All of the cracking of the brick has been remediated and the doors and windows are fully operational. The condominiums are now structurally sound and guaranteed against further settlement. All landscaping and grading were returned to their preconstruction condition.

Windsor Castle Condos

Click book to view PDF – Windsor Castle Condominiums Push Piers – Case Study

The Team

JES Project Engineers: Scott Davis, PE
JES Certified Inspector: Dale Harris
Products Installed: 68 JES Foundation Push Piers

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