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Wet Basement Repair: 8 Waterproofing Problem Signs for Northern Virginia House Hunters 

wet basement repair House hunting is fun and exciting, yet it can be quite cumbersome, especially moving into Northern Virginia and D.C. Metropolitan area. It’s important to consider homes immediate needs before buying, including any wet basement repair or foundation problems.

Many questions and concerns arise during the home buying process like, “how long will my commute be every day” and “where is the nearest metro station?”

However, if you haven’t considered if your new home will have a wet basement repair problem that will require a wet basement repair solution, we encourage you to keep reading.

That’s right, there is nothing worse than finding out your dream home, which amazingly cuts your daily commute in half, has a wet basement problem. However, you can avoid future disappointment by making sure the home on your wishlist has a dry basement. 

Check out these 8 Signs of Basement Waterproofing Problems:

1. Efflorescence

wet basement repair

Efflorescence, (as pictured above), is not toxic and can easily be brushed off. However, it’s a sign there’s water leaking into your basement.

Efflorescence is a white chalky powder made up of the minerals found in concrete, soil and water. Although efflorescence isn’t toxic and can easily be brushed off, it’s a sign of moisture intrusion.

2.  Mold

A musty smelling basement means you have mold growth and a moisture problem. However, do not assume that bleaching down your basement will get rid of the musty smell. Mold can be toxic! Don’t put your health at risk trying to get the mold out of your musty basement.

3. Cracks in the Walls 

Leaking basement walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the force of the water exerted against your basement foundation, which can seep through your basement floor as well as your basement walls.

4. Bowed Walls

Bowed basement walls are caused by too much pressure pushing against your basement walls. When water drains into the ground by your foundation, the soil expands as it absorbs water and pushes inward against your basement walls.   

5. Cracks in the Floor 

wet basement repair

If left alone your basement floor cracks will continue to grow, creating additional problems throughout your home.

A leaking basement floor crack is a serious problem. Not only do you have a basement foundation problem, but the floor crack also lets water into your basement. It’s also important to note that cracks in your basement floor are indicators of foundation settlement

6. Musty Odor 

That musty basement smell is mold. Mold can grow on just about any surface as long as there’s moisture. While there is no way to permanently keep mold out of your home, combating moisture and basement humidity will help prevent mold growth.

7. Water Lines on Basement Windows 

A basement with a leaking window well spells trouble for your basement. Water from your sprinklers, rain and snowfall can all leak into your basement.

8. Water Marks on Walls 

Water stains running down your basement wall mean water has entered your basement over the top of your foundation wall. As water collects in the back-fill surrounding your foundation, the hydrostatic pressure builds up, pressing against your foundation. This causes the water to run over the exterior wall and into your living space.

The Experts at JES can Help!request a free inspection for wet basement repair

JES has the expertise to evaluate and repair your wet basement. Give us a call at 866-370-4816, and schedule a free inspection. We’ll find out the cause of the problem, and moreover, help you find the perfect solution.


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