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No More Wet Basement or Crawl Space

If your home shows signs of settlement, then there is a higher chance of your home flooding. Water damage to your home’s basement or crawl space is serious and will leave detrimental damage to your home. Unfortunately, there are multiple causes for water problems.

  • Hydrostatic pressure is one factor of water problems within your home. When footing drains become clogged, it allows water to gather and put pressure against the walls of your foundation. This pressure causes bowing or cracking walls, which allows water to leak into your home.
  • Footing drains are pipes designed to keep water away from your foundation. When these pipes become clogged with dirt and other items, the water has no place to go, and ultimately builds up near your foundation.
  • Heavy rain plays a role as well in a basement or crawl space water damage. Large amounts of rain will add to the hydrostatic pressure and settlement problems that already exist and will only make them worse.

With these causes comes multiple signs of water damage, such as:

basement cove joints

  1. Condensation
  2. Wet basement walls
  3. Leaky basement cove joint
  4. Efflorescence

Fortunately, JES Foundation Repair has a solution if your home has water damage to its basement or crawl space.


If water damage is present in your home’s crawl space, our SafeDri Pro Sump Pump will help keep it dry. This sump pump has a heat-dissipating cast iron body with an epoxy finish. It is designed for high capacity water removal.

For your home’s basement, either the SafeDri Triple or ProX will keep your basement dry. Similar to the SafeDri Pro for crawl spaces, these sump pumps are designed with a cast iron body. They also have a battery backup system to endure tough storms, and if you want extra protection during power outages, there is a backup alarm system.

Before spring rain causes damage to your home, call JES Foundation Repair at (866) 370-4816 or fill out the form to have a free crawl space or basement inspection. We promise to keep your home dry!

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