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Dry Soil and Your Foundation

Finally, warmer weather is here! However, this warmer weather causes dry soil. If your home is already showing signs of foundation settlement problems, then the dry soil won’t help, instead, it will create worse problems for your home.

The colder weather that just passed caused your soil to expand due to the moisture, and as the warmer weather continues, it will dry that soil back out causing shifting of the soil. This is dangerous for the structural integrity of your home.

Piers JES

Here are some of the signs you will notice in your home if it is experiencing settlement:

  1. Your doors and windows will become hard to open and close. This is known as “sticking” doors and windows, which many people decide to replace their windows or doors. This helps only temporarily because as the settlement worsens, the same thing will happen with the new doors or windows.
  2. Your home’s indoor or outdoor walls will show signs of cracking. Stair shaped designed cracks will travel up your walls or the corners of your doors and windows. In cases of serious settlement, you may even see cracks in your slab flooring.
  3. Your floors will begin to sink due to foundation settlement. There will be signs of separation between your floors and walls.

JES Foundation Repair has multiple pier solutions that will help stabilize your home’s structure at the source, its foundation.

  1. Push piers are designed to be installed in the bedrock underneath your home, to help provide strong support to help get your home back to its original position.
  2. Helical piers are another pier system that is installed in the bedrock beneath your home. This system stabilizes your home through a process called underpinning, which is the process of stabilizing an already existing structure.
  3. Lastly, the slab pier system is used for homes built on concrete. These piers go further past the bedrock to help stabilize your home and close cracking within your home.


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