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How Snow Can Be Dangerous for Your Home’s Foundation

The holidays are behind us, but the cold weather is not. As the winter months continue, you can expect snowfall to occur.

At first glance, snow seems beautiful and wintery; however, below the surface snow can be very damaging to your home’s foundation.

During the summer, the hot days bring drought to soil and cause cracks n, which do not disappear from month to month. 


Colder weather creates dryer air. This dry air causes cracks in the soil surrounding your foundation, and melted snow, frost, or ice will seep into those cracks creating major foundational problems for your home.

In addition to the summer months causing drought, as weather becomes cold, the air becomes dry as well. This creates dry soil, and cracks to form in your home’s foundation, as the moisture in your soil evaporates.

With these two months seasons so close together, your home has no chance against melting frost, ice, or snowfall. The beautiful snow you love to look at as it lays across the yard of your home can become dangerous to the integrity of your home if you are not prepared.

When snow begins to melt, the water seeps into those cracks caused by the dry soil and will begin to put pressure against your foundation. That pressure causes foundation problems, such as, cracks, sinking floors, and sticking doors and windows.

Snow that melts can flood basements or crawl spaces. Water damage to your home’s basement or crawl space will cause problems, such as, mold and mildew growth, and rodents.

Another problem during the colder months is freezing. If your home’s foundation has cracks and moisture permeates these cracks and freezes, it will cause the cracks to grow larger causing significant damage to your home.

Do not be fooled by the beauty of snowfall during this wintery season. Make sure your home’s foundation is protected by calling JES Foundation Repair at (866) 370-4816 or fill out the form and have a free foundation inspection done.

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