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Signs of Foundation Problems – How To Easily Spot Them

Understanding the science behind how your foundation provides the structural integrity your home depends on can be tricky. However, spotting signs of foundation problems is much easier. Spotting foundation problem signs is the first step in maintaining a safe and stable foundation. Foundation problem signs will manifest in a variety of ways through the interior and exterior of your home.

Signs of Foundation Problems – The Types

Exterior Problem Signs:


Cracked and/or Leaning Chimney


Foundation Settlement


Cracked Bricks

Interior Problem Signs:


Wall and Floor Gaps


Drywall Cracks

Signs of Foundation Problems – Why Early Detection Matters

1. The problem will get worse.

As with most problems, if you wait too long, the problem becomes greater and more expensive to repair.

2. Resale Value.

Just think about it, who wants to buy a home with a bad foundation?

3. Appearance.

Foundation cracks are not pretty and their unsightliness has damaging effects on your home’s curb appeal.

4. Door and Window Operation.

As your foundation fails to hold the house where it should, doors and windows will begin to sink, settle and move, causing them to jam and stick.

5. Water Intrusion.

Cracks caused by foundation problems let water and moisture in, damaging your living space in a variety of ways.

6. Safety.

Houses are built to be unilaterally supported by your home’s foundation. As one area fails, other areas of your home will fail as well. So, having an unstable foundation is dangerous because either your entire foundation will collapse or chunks of brick veneer can fall off the house.

7. Critters.

Insects and rodents love cracks in your home because it gives them a nice new home.

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