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Cracked or separating concrete close up

Cracked Slab

You definitely can’t ignore signs of a broken slab in a concrete foundation. When you catch these issues early, you can often fix the problems before they spiral into something much more serious and much more dangerous.

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Cracked or separating concrete close up

Have you started to see cracks in your home’s foundation slab? This can be as small as little hairline cracks across the surface or as significant as huge gaping cracks nearly an inch in length. These cracks may be giving you signs that there’s a very serious issue behind the scenes that you’re not handling.

You definitely can’t ignore signs of a broken slab in a concrete foundation. When you catch these issues early, you can often fix the problems before they spiral into something much more serious and much more dangerous.

Concrete Slab Foundation Repair in Virginia, Maryland, DC

No matter what you’re dealing with, a cracked foundation slab can have intense consequences if you don’t tackle it early. Read this article and talk to a JES expert for more information on our Concrete Lifting Repair solutions regarding cracked slab repair in your home.

Cracked Foundation Slab FAQ

There are many questions homeowners typically have about slab foundation repair. What does a cracked foundation slab mean? Why do I have a crack in my slab foundation? Does this mean my home has unfixable problems? Here are the answers to all your slab repair questions

Many homeowners wonder why they’re seeing a crack in their slab foundation. What could cause the cracks they’re seeing, especially when these cracks become wide enough that they’re causing genuine concern?

There are many reasons you may need concrete slab foundation repair. Here are the most prominent of those reasons.

Concrete Shrinkage

Concrete inherently shrinks. As it shrinks, it’s going to start cracking across the surface because of the uneven way in which it shrinks. However, these shrinkage cracks actually aren’t typically a big deal. If you’re seeing them within about the first six months of the house’s life, they’re likely not really a problem.

The problem arises if the home is older than six months and they suddenly start to show up. At this point, it’s likely that the concrete has completely cured. These cracks that look like they’re due to shrinkage may actually be due to something completely different and could indicate a foundation issue.

House Settling 

As with concrete shrinkage, this often happens to many homes. However, very small amounts of house settling can be normal and not indicative of a problem. These cracks can become a problem if the home starts to sink too rapidly, sinks too much, or settles unevenly.

House settling typically shows up in more than just your foundation concrete slab. You may start to see these cracks also outside of your home, whether on your steps or in the brick structures. Additional support can help avoid continuous house settling, so it’s important to contact a JES expert as early as possible to install that support.

Expansive and Consolidating Soil 

These are two terms that describe the way in which the soil absorbs water and dries. Expansive soil soaks up more water than other types of soil, and consolidating soil shrinks more when it dries than other types of soil. If your home sits on a type of soil that’s expansive, consolidating or both, you may start to deal with foundation issues earlier than other people.

The dramatic movement of expansive and consolidating soil is a significant contributing factor to the way your home settles. A mix of hydrostatic pressure from expansive soil and significant gaps from consolidating soil can make your foundation less stable and crack the foundation slab.

How important is it to prioritize the foundation repair slab? Does it actually matter that your foundation has a crack in it? Although you may be able to put off some types of home repair, this definitely isn’t one of them. It’s incredibly important that you repair a cracked slab foundation.

If you’re wondering why you need to handle this problem now, you should know there are plenty of reasons to discuss slab repair with a JES expert.

The Foundation Is Inherently Important 

There’s a reason the term “foundation” in an abstract sense refers to the most important concepts of an idea or movement. In a home, it’s also one of the most important pieces.

It’s important to pay attention to your home’s foundation because you need to make sure it stands in a stable manner. If the foundation of your home has a significant crack in it, that leaves much more room for the home to start shifting and settling more dramatically.

If you’re dealing with a serious foundation issue, that issue will then start to affect all other aspects of your home. Instead of just ignoring it and hoping it’ll go away, talk to a JES expert to get ideas for how to fix it.

Cracks Showcase a Deeper Issue 

Your foundation didn’t crack for absolutely no reason. Some of these problems might not be very serious, like brand new concrete indicating shrinkage cracks. However, some of them may have serious repercussions.

For example, cracks may show that your home is settling unevenly. That settling can cause gaps in window frames, uneven floors, and other problems all across your home.

Regardless of the reason behind the cracks, you at least need to know what it is that’s having this impact. An inspection from a JES expert will let you know what you may need to worry about.

You Need to Know What’s Going On

Above all, you just need to understand what’s happening in your home. You can’t just notice a cracked foundation slab and pretend you didn’t see it.

One of the most important parts of owning your own home is in understanding what’s happening with the home. That means investigating anything that looks like it may be a little off, including cracked foundation slabs.

Concrete slab foundation repair works best when you get in early. You can get in contact with a JES expert today and book an inspection to make sure you know what’s happening under your home.

It should be clear why you should look into your cracked slab foundation. However, if you want additional reasons to discuss slab foundation repair with a JES expert, you may want to know what could happen if you ignore the concrete slab foundation cracks.

Although there are many potential problems that can arise if you ignore slab foundation problems, these are the most common.

More Significant Settling

If you don’t fix the settling problems that are causing a crack in your slab foundation, you’re opening the door to more settling in the future. These settling issues typically don’t go away until you get involved.

Remember, settling doesn’t just cause foundation cracks. It can have very serious impacts on the rest of your home as well.

The settling problems won’t stop, and will likely continue at an accelerated rate. If you want to avoid continued settling of the home as a whole, you need to talk to a JES expert about halting the home-settling entirely.

Home Instability

Foundation problems can lead to a variety of home instability issues. Your home’s foundation is what gives your home its stability. Therefore, if the foundation starts to have problems, so will the rest of the home.

These problems can take a variety of forms. You can experience issues ranging from slight floor sinking to entire walls falling down or even the entire structure crumbling.

Although home instability doesn’t typically get that bad without noticing extreme symptoms and signs, you should act on the earliest signs possible. Talk to a JES expert about your options regarding potential home instability from your foundation.

Moisture and Flooding 

When your foundation has a serious crack in it, that crack may come from a problem like hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure exerted by water at rest. If so, the crack will then start to let in moisture from the outside.

Depending on the intensity of the moisture, this can cause anything from humidity upticks to complete flooding of your basement. Either of these can have serious consequences.

Moisture is a huge problem for your crawl space or basement in general, and the problem only gets worse with standing water. If you’re dealing with water in your crawl space or basement, a JES expert can help you formulate a solution.

What are your options when it comes to slab foundation repair? The good news is, there are many ways to repair a broken slab concrete foundation. However, you need to make sure you’re using a repair that will actually work for your needs.

The best repair will depend on your specific situation. These are some options that may be available to you.

A Concrete Patch 

If the problem isn’t structural and is only aesthetic, like if the concrete has shrunk from drying, you may be able to fix it with a concrete patch. This goes over the top of the crack with new concrete, blending it into the rest of the foundation.

However, you can’t just apply a concrete patch and be done with it. If the problem is actually structural, this crack will just come back and you’ll have to fix it again.

Some problems might go away with a concrete patch, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Only a JES inspection can actually help you determine the problem.

Caulking Over the Crack

This is another potential option that works for larger cracks. You can blend the caulk into the rest of the foundation and create a solution that isn’t very visible, especially at just a quick glance.

However, like the concrete patch, it’s mostly a superficial fix. You can’t use this fix if the problem stems from a structural issue; it’s only useful for superficial problems that you want to cover over.

You may be able to do this one on your own, but only in very specific circumstances. Otherwise, you’re just ignoring the real problem. A JES expert will let you know whether you can caulk over the crack or whether you need much deeper fixes.

An Expert Inspection 

This is the only way to really know what’s going on with your foundation. You may have a general idea from the issues you’re seeing in your foundation, but you probably don’t have very much insight into the actual problems happening behind the scenes.

An inspection by one of the experts at JES will help you understand a little more about what’s going on with your foundation. This way, you’ll learn more about your foundation, the state of your home as a whole, and how you can fix these cracks.

Don’t leave a crack in your slab foundation until you simply can’t ignore it any longer. Instead, get in contact with a JES expert to learn more about what you can do to fix it.

JES Experts Can Help You With Your Foundation Concerns

Concrete slab foundation repair can be incredibly tough to handle if you’re trying to do it on your own. The good news is, you don’t have to try and figure it all out on your own.

There are plenty of options for cracked slab repair such as Concrete Lifting. You just have to know how to take advantage of these options. An expert at JES will give you all the information you need to choose the best fix for your personal needs.

Don’t try to tackle these foundation slab issues without a professional. You run the risk of simply making the problem worse, and that’s not a risk anyone wants to take on. With a free inspection from JES, you have nothing to lose by getting in touch.

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