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Vapor Barrier in Your Crawl Space

Vapor barriers are essential in sealing your crawl space and isolating it from the earth. There are may options when it comes to vapor barriers.

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Isolating the house from the earth by installing a vapor barrier crawl space liner is the second step in the crawl space encapsulation process. In Step 1, we addressed standing water and flooding by installing a crawl space sump pump. However, not all homeowners experience flooding in their crawl spaces, making vapor barrier installation the first course of action.

There are many sizes available when it comes to crawl space vapor barriers. Distinguished by their thickness, vapor barrier crawl space liners are available in 6-mil, 10-mil, 12-mil, 15-mil, and 20-mil. However, crawl space professionals highly recommend 20-mil liners, CrawlSeal™, due to their durability and other added benefits.

CrawlSeal™ is made of 20-mil 7-ply polyethylene and it significantly outperforms thinner vapor barrier liners. The CrawlSeal™ liner works by COMPLETELY isolating your home from the earth.

20-mil vapor barrier crawl space liners are more durable and last longer than other liners due to their increased thickness. CrawlSeal’s™ 20-mil liner is composed of 7 layers of polyethylene.

Crew Installing encapsulation

Thinner vapor barriers are more likely to tear, creating holes that allow moisture to re-accumulate within the crawl space.

Choosing a thinner vapor barrier crawl space liner to cut crawl space encapsulation cost is a poor decision. The decision to go with any other vapor barrier thickness than the industry recommended 20-mil is catastrophic.

Wet insulation in a home

It is unwise because crawl space problem signs such as condensation in your windows, moldy smells, and cold floors will eventually re-emerge due to the ineffectiveness of thin vapor barrier liners.

20-mil CrawlSeal™ liners are also manufactured with an antimicrobial additive to hinder the growth of mold and mildew underneath the liner and on top of it.

The installation of 20-mil vapor barriers provides homeowners with added storage function. Now that your crawl space is encapsulated with the thickest possible liner, homeowners have the ability to use their crawl space as a storage place. Thinner vapor barriers tear easily when movement on top of the liner increases.

However, CrawlSeal’s™ 20-mil vapor barrier liners are able to withstand added traffic, making storage accessibility convenient.

Are you ready to create a safer and healthier home? Contact the expert team at JES today for an inspection and free quote on crawl space repair services like encapsulation with the CrawlSeal™ vapor barrier.

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