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Basement Waterproofing in Roanoke, VA

Leaking water, high humidity, and mold are basement problems you shouldn’t have to live with. Along with being nuisances, they put your family and home in danger. Learn more about how JES can restore your basement’s health and safety.

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Basement Waterproofing in Roanoke, VA

Unlike many areas throughout Virginia, Roanoke – located in southwest Virginia along the Blue Ridge Mountains – has a fair percentage of homes with basements. Basements are typically built well below ground level and are versatile areas that can be used for everything from extra storage to entertainment and living space. But they are subject to damage including moisture, leaking water, mold growth, and other problems.  

All is not lost, however. To keep your Roanoke basement in top shape, the key is to have it professionally inspected and repaired. That’s where our experienced team at JES Foundation Repair comes in. We’ll evaluate your home and suggest the best solutions to keep it free of water problems. Keep reading to learn more. 


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Our professional production crew installs patented, American-made solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

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Basement Problem Signs in Roanoke

When there is a problem in your basement, you’ll know it in a variety of ways. Some may not be as noticeable, but others are quite obvious. Some of the most common basement problems homes in Roanoke experience include musty and unpleasant odors, increased pest activity, mold growth, condensation, elevated humidity, wet drywall, and wet floors and carpets. Water on the walls and floor, as well as flooding are other highly visible indicators. Don’t let a trickle of water or cluster of mold turn into a widespread hazard. Reach out to local professionals as soon as possible for a permanent fix.

Causes of Basement Damage in Roanoke

Your wet basement problems could arise from any number of causes. Interior sources that could be to blame include leaking pipes or appliance failure like a malfunctioning sump pump or leaky water heater. External forces like the weather and soil, however, are typically what is behind your basement troubles. Roanoke has an interesting variety of soil types that range from sandy to silty loam that can be gravelly and have some clay content. However, if any of these soils become overly saturated, which is common because of the area’s constant rain, they can lead to excessive hydrostatic pressure as well as basement cracks and leaks.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions in Roanoke

If your Roanoke home has a wet basement, it can greatly benefit from various repairs. DIY fixes are temporary at best and not recommended for the longevity of your basement. It’s important to have customized solutions to fit exactly what your basement needs. Some of the solutions your JES inspector might recommend for your basement include an interior drain, sump pump, dehumidifier, wall vapor barrier, and more. Each of these important pieces of the puzzle make up a complete basement waterproofing system that will keep water and other damage from getting the best of your home.

Why Choose JES Foundation Repair

For almost 30 years, JES Foundation Repair has been the top provider of permanent basement waterproofing solutions in Roanoke and surrounding areas. During that time, we have helped thousands of local homeowners just like you repair and protect their basements and, by extension, their most valuable asset – their home. We are well-versed in the area’s wet weather, unstable soil, and how each impacts homes and their basements.  

Don’t worry about your leaking, moldy basement anymore. Contact JES today to schedule your free inspection and estimate with one of our highly trained and experienced professionals. Together, we can help you create a safer and healthier home that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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