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D Kalassay

September 20, 2022

House encapsulation / Dehumidifier installation. Professional in every sense. Collin Dozier knows his stuff. The company presentation materials show what to expect from the practical / physical aspects of the installation. The software programs are awesome (and developed in house) and provide a graphic view of what is to be installed. The program calculates virtually everything from square footage to the optimal capacity of the dehumidifier. And then calculates the cost. And then offers a financing option which essentially makes the project complete. And approval was virtually within five minutes. All their supplies are sourced from their own warehouses and their dehumidifier is customized for the salty air of the area. While somewhat pricey, you get what you pay for. And the payments will not break the bank. It's an investment that maintains the value of your home, especially in the Hampton Roads / Tidewater Area. Installation: JES called and asked if they could move the schedule up one week earlier. They showed up at 0830, had the house gutted by 1130 and had the side foam insulation panels installed, the piers wrapped and the plastic sheeting down by 5:30. They also had the electrical work done and the dehumidifier was running before they left. Tuesday morning at 0830 they were under the house taping the seams and walls and the bases of the piers. At 1200 they had the drain set up to move condensate to an outside drain, to avoid soaking the ground. Crew: Monday, the crew which consisted of Neri, the foreman, with 9 years experience, Yasser with 9 and Diandre with 4 years with JES, hit the crawl space and as noted had all the old insulation and ground plastic barrier out of the space. They actually moved the stuff out of the larger vent in the front of the house to avoid tracking fiberglass through the garage. This crew was awesome and knew what they were doing as is reflected in their work product and their work ethic. They practiced safety protocols when handling fiberglass insulation and were respectful of shrubbery and plantings. Their procedures included wrapping the removed stuff in the large plastic "drop cloth" sheeting and sealing it properly to avoid airborne contamination. At the end of the first day, around 1800, Neri advised that he had seen a minute leak in the house's sprinkler feed, where a fitting had somehow moved. It was miniscule and could have gone unnoticed for years. It was a simple fix with a hose clamp. That attention to detail shows how professional these gentlemen are. Tuesday, the crew plus Jerome, who has been with JES for 4 years arrived, donned their protective suits and went to work, sealing every seam, edge, pier base and plumbing and air conditioning penetration. They also completed the installation of the dehumidifier, including raising it off the floor, installing the sump pump and associated plumbing to move the condensate to the drain. They also custom fit a piece of foam attached to the access panel in the garage. And they were done in TWO days even though three days were scheduled! We did a "walk through" under the house, and Neri answered all my questions, had me sign a "completion" form and made sure that I was satisfied with the installation and clean up. The JES Team were awesome! Their work ethic and attention to detail and knowledge of the processes, from Collin Dozier (who has a remarkable back story) to the obvious respect of the "younger" employees for the knowledge and mentorship of Neri and Yassir, to the pride in and attention to detail of their work, speaks volumes. JES obviously gets Five Stars. Don't forget to take advantage of their Warranty Plan. It's well worth the cost, for peace of mind. It never hurts to ask about discounts, especially in the Hampton Roads Area. JES was recommended by an Architect who has used them for some very interesting projects. And now they are endorsed by me. This is a really long review. That alone speaks to the value.

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