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basement repair contractor

Basement Repair Contractor – Who to Hire and Who to Avoid

Thinking of hiring a basement repair contractor? Here are signs that should alert you whether a contractor is a good pick or a bad choice for your repair work.

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When fixing a leaking basement or a basement with cracks, it’s prudent to think about the basement contractor who’ll handle the repairs. You don’t want to hire somebody who’ll do shoddy work and force you to get another contractor. It’s going to be a waste of time and money.

basement repair contractor

We’ve compiled a list of good and bad signs that you can use to evaluate the suitability of a basement repair contractor in Virginia.

Contractors to Avoid

Don’t waste time talking to a basement contractor who falls short of the following parameters.

1) No tangible experience
No matter how good a contractor sounds, if they don’t have the requisite skills or a history of completing basement repairs for at least a decade, don’t enlist their help. Lack of experience could put your works in jeopardy. They could fail to comply with local codes or do a shoddy job that will necessitate a second repair.

2) No labor warranties
Don’t assume every contractor in Virginia will do work that will last a lifetime or give you a warranty. Unlicensed basement repair contractors rarely back up their repairs with extensive warranties against issues. In case their work falls apart, you may find yourself hiring another contractor to redo a project that should have lasted at least 10-20 years.

3) Bad reviews online
You’ll never go wrong just looking at the reviews customers have left for a contractor online. Customer reviews are a good indicator of how good or reliable a basement repair contractor is. Avoid any contractor with negative mentions or dismal reviews. They’re more than likely to leave you disappointed like the many customers they’ve failed before.

4) Verbal promises
Avoid any contractor who makes verbal reassurances. If they can’t put what they say on paper, there’s no guarantee that they will fulfill their promise. Because of that, you could end up feeling cheated out of your money.

Contractors to Hire

For your peace of mind, hire a basement contractor who meets the following:

1) Business Compliance
If you’re a smart homeowner, you’ll also check the company’s records before you enlist their help. A good contractor has no problem providing a license to show where they operate or following business codes and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. This will also tell you if the contractor has passed safety standards and is certified to carry out basement repairs.

2) Real Physical Address
A trustworthy contractor should have a real office at a known location near you. Check their website or Google Maps for directions to their office. While it’s easier to call, try to visit their location and find out more about their services. It’s also a good opportunity to find out whether they’re licensed.

Your basement wall repair or waterproofing is a project that costs time and money. So don’t just hire any contractor that shows up on Google Search Results. Use the signs we’ve shared as a checklist before you enlist their help.

3) Professional Workmanship
Since service fee for basement repairs are charged per the hour, you would want to hire fast and dependable service to slash costs without compromising quality. The basement repair contractor should be courteous, professional, and easy to work with. No homeowner wants to deal with unapproachable or incompetent technicians from a local basement contractor. It’s a turn-off.

4) Verifiable References
This may sound too obvious, but it isn’t something to ignore when scouting for a contractor. A good basement repair contractor likely has a long list of happy customers who would gladly recommend their services. You can find some of their reviews on their contractor’s website or places like Yelp or Google Reviews. Pick a few customers, both recent and old ones, and find out how their repairs hold up.

5) Bonded and Insured
Sometimes, things go wrong. A technician could get injured onsite, a neighbor’s property could get damaged during repairs or the work could fall short of your expectations. Either way, you wouldn’t want to pay for someone else’s mistakes, errors, or omissions. A good contractor should have general liability insurance to protect against injuries to third parties or your neighbor’s property. On top of it, they should be bonded in case they fail to comply with local laws or regulations or fail to complete work. This way, you will be able to file a claim for the cost of hiring another basement contractor.

For fast, error-free, and professional basement repairs in Virginia, call JES Foundation Repair and speak to a qualified basement professional. We’re happy to supply you with a free basement repair estimate for your next job.

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