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protect your lawn

A Handy Lawn Health Checklist for Busy Homeowners

Check out how you can prepare your lawn for unpredictable weather and how to take care of your plants so they can regain their health.

Like it or not, bad and unpredictable weather in Appomattox, VA, makes lawn care a challenge. Aside from hurting your lawn, the bad weather will also impact the soil around your foundation. The challenge for most homeowners lies in two areas—lawn preparation and lawn revitalization—something this post will address. By taking care of the lawn, you can prevent foundation damage and basement damage. How should one go about it? 

protect your lawn

Revitalizing the Lawn 

You’re probably wondering what steps you should take to get your lawn back. Once the bad weather passes, here’s what you should do. 

Take Stock of the Lawn  

It’s highly likely that some areas will have suffered damage due to the bad weather. You can discover what areas need healing and what needs protection as the bad weather continues by performing a lawn audit. Check for weeds and look at the condition of the grass, twigs, and leaves. Remember to check the landscape moisture depth by poking down the grassy area of the lawn with a soil probe or screwdriver. 

Disperse Compost Manure and Fertilizer 

When a drought sets in, you may feel tempted to apply compost and fertilizer to the dry soil in your lawn. Use these resources carefully so you can get the best results. Be sure not to overwhelm the most vulnerable spots. 

Apply Mulch 

Spreading much around your home’s perimeter helps regulate water flow to your foundation. Much soaks up excess water and holds it for the dry days when the soil needs it. Be careful with how close you spread mulch to the foundation walls, as saturated mulch can become a haven for pests who can easily find their way inside your home if there are any foundation cracks or openings. 

Use the Sprinkler System 

Make sure the soil around your home’s perimeter is moist Connect your hoses and move your sprinkler head around the tree canopy every 10-15 minutes. For smaller plants, attach a handheld nozzle sprayer. Keep watering the plants every three weeks during the dry season. 

Plant Drought-Resistant Hedges and Grass 

Your landscaping, especially grass and garden plants, does more to protect your lawn and home than you think. Redtop, buffalo grass, bahiagrass, and sheep fescue are good for a start. Use certified seeds, as they have more vitality and are less likely to develop diseases. By investing in drought-resistant plants in wet weather, you will allow the plants to form a comprehensive root system that can withstand the harsh summer weather. 

Taking Care of the Lawn 

Managing the lawn in bad weather is going to be tough but it’s doable. Here’s exactly what you need to do. 

Watch the weather and let the prevailing conditions inform your lawncare response. If you can see rain on the horizon, turn off your sprinkler in the evening and lay down a tarp. If a drought is looming, apply mulch all around the yard and have watering cans on hand. 

When the weather takes a turn, you should give the lawn a break. You can reduce your frequency of mowing to once every two weeks. The time in between the mowing is crucial in preserving the ecological balance of your lawn. 

Another thing: Don’t try to revamp the lawn before the weather breaks. Your attempt to rejuvenate the lawn before the unpredictable weather passes means your solution will either dry up or wash away. Wait until the conditions improve before you start to resuscitate your lawn’s health. 

Start Protecting Your Foundation 

Rejuvenating your lawn’s health is the key to having a solid and problem-free foundation and basement. It can also minimize the extent of damage that happens. If you’d like to protect your foundation or basement from unpredictable weather or resolve issues that threaten them, contact the professionals at JES Foundation Repair. Our experts will provide you with a free foundation repair inspection and quote along with recommendations to restore your foundation or basement.

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