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Commercial Case Study: Windsor Castle Condominiums

There were several challenges at this condominium group, with some challenges being significant foundation settlement, classic interior and exterior signs of settlement, and construction activities at a nearby site.

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Windsor Castle Condominiums was having a difficult time with its foundation. Because of the state of the area as a condominium unit, this wasn’t just a problem with one resident; most residents in this area were having issues with foundation settlement to some degree or other. By crafting a permanent solution that could stabilize all the condominiums, JES was able to make life better for the various individuals at these condominiums.

The Challenge

There were several challenges at this condominium group, with some challenges being significant foundation settlement, classic interior and exterior signs of settlement, and construction activities at a nearby site.

The most obvious issue at Windsor Castle Condominiums was that there was a significant amount of foundation settlement happening. It was clear, due to the various signs and symptoms, that the condominium buildings were settling. Overall, four buildings in this complex were having issues with foundation settlement. Although some buildings had problems worse than others, all four of the buildings clearly exhibited these foundational issues.

On top of the foundation settlement itself, many people were also experiencing signs of the settlement. For example, many residents noticed cracks in the bricks, sticking doors and windows, and other traditional signs of the settlement. Although these were definitely annoying, they weren’t the main cause of the problem. JES experts were confident that if they could alleviate the foundation settlement, they would be able to alleviate these signs of settlement as well.

Another issue that may have been exacerbating the problem was construction activities happening at a nearby site. This site was using pile driving equipment, and some of the residents at Windsor Castle Condominiums believed that this was adding to the settlement problems.

Additionally, with these construction activities, it was important to consider the fact that the construction activities may have been causing vibrations to other structures. Therefore, any solution needed to categorically avoid additional vibrations and handle existing ones.

The Solution

Windsor Castle Condominiums required one solution for its fix – push piers. The first decision that JES made regarding Windsor Castle Condominiums was that push piers were going to be the best option. They needed this high-quality, permanent fix to protect its residents. The push pier system is extremely strong in the long term, and when compared to other options, it’s a relatively easy solution to install.

Once soil and areas of concrete were excavated and removed, the crew dug down to access the footer of each building. Heavy-duty brackets were then attached to the footing, and sections of the piers were driven down to more stable soil to properly support the weight of the structures.

To manage these push piers properly, a JES crew had to drive the 68 push piers approximately 75 feet deep. However, driving these push piers into the ground would also, crucially, cause no vibrations to any of the other structures as JES installed them. All landscaping and grading also were returned to their pre-construction condition.



The Result

Overall, the Windsor Castle Condominiums are now structurally sound, and they are guaranteed against further settlement. Not only are Windsor Castle Condominiums residents not experiencing settlement, but they’re not experiencing symptoms of settlement, either. All the cracking of the brick has been remediated and the doors and windows are fully operational.

This is a great example of how JES can work around preexisting concerns to craft a fix that will work for everyone. Plus, by fixing the problem at the root, JES ensures that the Windsor Castle Condominiums won’t have to call in another repairman for structural concerns anytime soon.

The Team

JES Project Engineers: Scott Davis, PE
JES Certified Inspector: Dale Harris
Products Installed: 68 JES Foundation Push Piers

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