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crew waterproofing foundation

Waterproofing Your Foundation in Winter

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t waterproof your foundation this winter – all you need is the right help and a dry day or two.

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Winter in Manassas, VA, means frost, snow, and seriously low temperatures, so it’s understandable that many homeowners think that it is impossible to complete waterproofing in the winter. In fact, many think that foundation waterproofing work can only be completed in summer (spring and fall can be much too wet). This just isn’t true, however; waterproofing your basement and foundation in winter is perfectly possible and actually has unique benefits. 

crew waterproofing foundation

What You Need to Know About Waterproofing Your Foundation in Winter 

If your home desperately needs waterproofing measures installed before the deluge that often accompanies the spring thaw there is no reason why you should avoid scheduling the work for winter. In fact, it would be far better to undertake this work before the spring thaw to ensure that your basement is dry and safe when spring arrives. There are only two things that might prevent you from being able to complete foundation waterproofing work in winter: adverse weather conditions and pre-existing damage to your home. 

Weather Conditions 

While cold doesn’t prevent you from waterproofing your foundation, it can make certain tasks more difficult. Certain waterproofing measures may not adhere properly if the temperature is too low. Heavy rainfall, however, is a much trickier beast. In fact, almost any rainfall will make waterproofing your foundation difficult. That’s why winter is often better than spring for this kind of work; snow may be cold, but it is less damaging to the chances of successful waterproofing than rain. 

Pre-Existing Damage 

If you have pre-existing damage to your foundation or basement as a result of excess hydrostatic pressure, sinking, settlement, or even interior leaks, a reputable waterproofing professional will recommend that you fix these issues before you go on to install waterproofing measures. After all, there is no point in installing solutions when the underlying issues have not been treated; you will only end up re-doing the work, thereby incurring extra costs. 

If you talk to the right professionals, however, they should be able to undertake waterproofing measures while repairing underlying issues and damage.  

The Benefits of Waterproofing in Winter 

The benefits of waterproofing your basement and foundation are many. First and foremost, you will notice a significant decrease in the humidity in your home. This will make the environment more comfortable and can also lower your electricity bills (humid air is harder to heat and cool). Secondly, you will significantly decrease the likelihood of water making its way into your basement from outside your home. Finally, if you have been having issues with small water seeping into your home in the past, this should cease. 

Winter is generally a quiet season for most contractors, and as such, many people find it easier to book renovations, repairs and other such tasks at this time of year. First and foremost, you are more likely to be able to get the work done quickly, but you may also be able to choose the dates that suit you best (assuming the weather plays ball). 

This is where JES Foundation Repair comes in. If you have any concerns about the structural health of your basement or foundation, please don’t hesitate to book an inspection appointment. Our free estimates include a full inspection, a same-day written quote for all of our suggested work, and absolutely no obligation to book repairs with us. Protect your foundation and basement today with repair solutions specifically designed for your home.

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