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Guide to Foundation Repair by JES

Homeowner’s Guide to Foundation Repair

Do you suspect your home has foundation issues? Let’s review signs of foundation problems, potential causes, and what you can do about it.

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Do you have a home in the Virginia Beach area that’s experiencing foundation issues?

Foundation damage can be confusing to understand, and if neglected, problems can get worse. From northern Virginia to Richmond and Roanoke, JES Foundation Repair is one of the region’s leading experts. Our expertise can help you better understand your home’s foundation.

Let’s break down the basics of foundation repair so you can understand if you might have a foundation problem and what you can do about it.

Guide to Foundation Repair

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Signs of Foundation Problems

If you have foundation problems, you will see telltale signs within your house.

The actual issue may happen at ground level or even below ground. However, foundation problems deal with the structural integrity of your home. This means there may be a sequence of indicators throughout the building.

Look for these common signs of foundation problems.

In your house interior, look for signs such as cracked ceilings or walls, uneven floors, stuck doors, gaps in walls or floors, sticking windows and bowed walls. These signs could indicate structural changes happening, and your house’s foundation could be at risk.

Your house exterior will also reveal signs that you have foundation problems. Look for horizontal foundation cracks, vertical wall cracks, a cracked chimney, or evidence of a sinking foundation. Flood damage or crack repairs could also indicate that there may be underlying foundation problems.

Additional signs of foundation problems can be spotted by professional home inspectors and certified foundation repair specialists. Each structure will reveal underlying foundation problems in different ways, and a professional is able to compile indicators. In some cases, your home could be experiencing a natural foundation settlement, but there could be foundation damage that needs to be addressed quickly.

Causes of Foundation Damage

Foundation damage could be caused by a wide range of things or even a combination of issues. Plus, foundation damage can be the result of a single major event or it could be a slow, gradual process.

On your home’s exterior, common causes of foundation damage are poor drainage or tree roots. Both issues affect the moisture content in the ground surrounding your home. Tree roots will cause excessive drying, and poor exterior drainage will cause excessive moisture. This uneven ground moisture can then cause a foundation to shift, crack or have other problems.

Within your home interior, foundation problems are commonly caused by leaks from plumbing, a basement leak, or a leak in a crawl space. These interior water problems can cause moisture issues in the ground surrounding your home. They can also deteriorate your home’s framing or affect a pier and beam foundation.

The structural construction of your home can also be the cause of your foundation problems. When your home was being built, engineers, planners and contractors can take steps to mitigate foundation problems. However, foundation damage can result from poorly planned construction, shifting soil below concrete slabs, or the house settling.

Additionally, environmental issues can cause foundation damage. Flooding, drought, an earthquake or frost heave are all causes of foundation damage.

What Should You Do About Foundation Problems?

Ignoring foundation damage is not an option. A look at the numbers explains why.

Foundation problems can reduce your home’s resale value by 10 to 30 percent. That means for a $300,000 house, you could lose up to $100,000 in value.

Average Loss of Home Value from Foundation Problems:

  • $200,000 home: $40,000 loss
  • $300,000 home: $60,000 loss
  • $500,000 home: $100,000 loss
  • $800,000 home: $160,000 loss

In comparison, the average cost of foundation repair is typically much less.

For a baseline comparison, here are average cost estimates for foundation repair. Keep in mind that the actual repair cost will vary based on the type of foundation you have, the size and severity of the issue, and repair method used.

Average Foundation Repair Prices

  • Piering/Underpinning – $1,000-$3,000+ per pier
  • Leveling & Slabjacking – $500-$1,300+
  • Sealing/Subfloor Drainage – $2,000-$6,000+

It’s easy to see that the cost to repair your foundation can be much less than the home value loss you could experience from your foundation problems. Repairing your foundation can secure your home and your investment.

Foundation Repair Options When Selling a Home

When you’re selling a home, there are essentially two options for how to resolve foundation problems.

You could repair your foundation. By repairing a foundation problem, you’re able to sell your house at a higher price rather than a reduced value. Most people come out ahead with this option, making it financially a better choice.

You could disclose the foundation problem. Your state’s disclosure form may require that you reveal known foundation problems. This could reduce the number of potential buyers who are interested in your home. You would also need to sell as-is for a reduced value that could be 30 percent less than your initial asking price. Plus, you’ll most likely need a cash buyer because foundation problems commonly limit bank financing options.

What Happens If You Don’t Resolve Foundation Problems?

There are a number of potential outcomes you could face if you don’t address your home’s foundation problems. Here are some of the most common:

  • If neglected, foundation damage could lead to major structural problems.
  • Your home value could decline, reducing the selling price.
  • Buildings that don’t meet current codes may have a higher risk of damage from extreme weather.
  • Home buyers could have problems getting a mortgage.

Last March I had JES place pilings under a portion of the foundation of my home that was showing a very noticeable crack and replace a jack under the kitchen area where the previous homeowner had rigged a floor jack to hold up a sag in the floor joists. Everyone was professional as could be. They all showed up on time and stayed until the work was complete. If you remember last March it was very muddy and rainy and the guys took the time to clean everything up like they were never there. They had to make a couple of trips out to wait for things to dry out to complete the job. I would recommend these guys for any structural/foundation work that you would need.

JES Foundation Repair Can Help

Don’t jump to conclusions about what’s happening with your foundation. If you’re concerned about your home foundation, there’s an easy way to get peace of mind. A foundation repair expert can provide a free estimate and analysis.

With a FREE professional foundation evaluation, JES Foundation Repair can help homeowners in the Virginia Beach area preserve the structural integrity of their property.

  • Save money: The longer you wait, the more damage you could face.
  • Save time: DIY is not a long-term or viable solution.
  • Stop worrying: Trust our team of structural engineers.

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