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Residential Case Study: Basement Wall Repair Maryland

The issues that these homeowners were dealing with were completely fixed. The wall was permanently stabilized, and with the change of soil, it wouldn’t come under that same stress again.

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Basement repair can be a difficult thing to tackle because people use their basements for all sorts of different things. Some people prefer to use basements exclusively for storage, while others use a basement as an additional room in the home. In this Maryland home, the basement was experiencing typical problems that JES was able to come in and help fix.

1. The Challenge

These homeowners were facing multiple challenges regarding their basement issues. These challenges included basement problems like expansive soil, a shearing foundation, and using functional living space, as well as issues with the time frame and fixes that JES would choose.

The biggest problem was the fact that the soil around the basement was expansive. That meant the soil expanded when there was more water, especially after flooding or rain, and it was pushing on the basement wall. This expansive soil was exerting a huge amount of force on the basement walls. These walls weren’t made for excessive pressure, and it was causing a variety of serious problems, including potential foundation issues.

This expansive soil was creating a problem of shearing on the foundation and basement walls. Shearing occurs when pressure on one side of the wall is more significant than the pressure on another side, often causing pieces of the wall to break off. This shearing, if left unchecked, could cause further issues, especially issues related to foundation structure.

Another challenge in this Maryland home is the fact that the family used it as a part of their living space. They needed to make sure the space would continue to function as a living space after any solutions. This meant that JES needed to prioritize livability in the space both during the repair and after it was done. The functionality of the living space is an important part of the basement for this home, and JES made sure it stayed top of mind the whole time.

2. The Solution

To make the basement walls stop pushing in so far, JES was able to craft a two-part solution to the problem this family was experiencing. This involved in stalling wall anchors and replacing exterior soil.

The main solution for the problem was eight wall anchors that JES experts installed on the front foundation wall. These experts also utilized an anchor plate five feet deep, buried in the yard. The wall anchors utilized about five feet of spacing between each wall anchor, ensuring the wall would maintain its stabilization permanently. Lastly, JES experts tightened these anchors to no more than 80 pounds per square inch, which restored the wall to its initial position.

An important part of the problem is that the soil on the outside of the wall was extremely expansive. This meant that even with the wall anchors, the pressure on the walls would continue to make these walls contract and expand. To fix this problem, JES simply removed the expansive soil entirely, which was causing the issues, and backfilled brand-new soil that wouldn’t expand or contract so much. This new soil was backfilled, tamped, and seeded.

3. The Result

After all of this, the issues that these homeowners were dealing with were completely fixed. The wall was permanently stabilized, and with the change of soil, it wouldn’t come under that same stress again.

Here, you can see that JES experts really know how to craft a fix, even for a problem that seems like it’ll continue over and over again. You can find a permanent solution for your home problems; just schedule an inspection with JES.

The Team

JES Project Engineer: Scott Davis, P.E.
JES Project Designer: Chris Tesi
JES Installation Supervisor: Brian Rehak

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