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flood damage

Are Your Flood Vents Functional? They’d Better Be!

When the weatherman starts making ominous forecasts like floods, it’s easy to get perturbed and ask yourself whether your flood vents can offer protection against flash floods.

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flood damage

One-in-25-year events like the extreme rains that hammered Washington, DC, last year triggering flash-flood emergencies across neighborhoods are stark reminders that extreme weather will always have its way. You can expect extreme rainfalls to increase as global temperatures rise. And that means more floods during the wet season.

Wet flood-proofing solutions like flood vents that allow water to flow in and out of the crawl space can give your home a second chance. But don’t assume yours are functional. Check and maintain them regularly. You don’t want to come home and find your home has been swept away or damaged.

Signs of a Damaged Flood Vent

Maybe you haven’t inspected flood vents in a while or just want to be sure it will channel water away properly during a flood. So how do you know if your flood vent is defective? Look out for signs such as filed clips, damaged foam, holes on the screen, and cracks between foundation wall and vent. All these should prompt you to take action. You can either retrofit the flood vents or repair them if they’re not badly damaged.

Taking Care of Flood Vents

A small and seemingly insignificant fixture like flood vents that see little action for months or even years can easily be forgotten until floods strike. That’s not surprising as it’s located in a section that’s mostly overlooked. Here’s what we can advise you. Always check the vents and maintain them.

Ensure they’re in good condition; otherwise, they might fail and compromise your home when extreme rainfall hammers your home.

Once you screw the retrofit in place, you’ll have gaps between the retrofit and masonry wall. Caulk around the vent. Be careful not to punch the bricks loose when replacing the flood vents. This happens a lot in many old homes. We also encourage you to clean the vents at least twice a year using fresh water.

Do Flood Vents Really Matter?

Yes, they do. Homes across Washington, DC, are required to have flood vents installed, so that water can automatically pass through the foundation, preventing water pressure buildup and protecting the house and foundation. Flood vents relieve hydrostatic pressure on the foundation walls, substantially reducing the level of damage to your home’s foundation.

Without flood vents, you’ll have little control over what floods can do to your home. Install and position them properly and they’ll protect your home against ravaging floods. Regardless of what you may have heard, the regulations governing flood vents and their placements aren’t hard to follow.

Why Use FEMA-Approved Flood Vents?

If you live in a neighborhood that receives more than its usual share of rainfall in spring and summer months, you’re at risk of flooding. Here are three reasons why you should install flood vents in the crawl space of your home.

Reduces Cost of Insurance: Automatic, engineered flood vents may reduce the monthly premium on existing flood coverage. When you use FEMA-approved vents, your insurer knows you’re proactive and serious about flood protection. The fact that your home has a layer of protection means your insurance won’t fork over lots of money as reimbursement.

Enhances Safety of Your Home: Another benefit of using flood vents is that they keep your home safe. Since they’re carefully engineered, they can withstand the harsh conditions that arise whenever there’s a flood. Come heavy torrents or floods, you can rest easy knowing your vents will function normally and reduce the impact of flooding on your property.

Solid construction: FEMA-approved vents are built to last, which is another way to say they use the finest materials. No matter what Washington, DC, storms throw at your house, you know it’s well protected.

You’ve saved for years to build or buy a home where you and your loved ones can live in peace. Why not take the initiative to protect it with flood vents? Inspecting a flood vent is a straightforward activity that takes a couple of minutes. It will also reveal what’s wrong with your vent.

If you’re looking for aesthetically pleasing and FEMA-approved flood vents made of heavy-duty materials, you’re in the right place. We can help you install vents so your home can stay safe even when floods ravage your neighborhood. Contact us to request a  free flood vent inspection and quote today.

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