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waterproofing solutions for your yard

Eco-friendly Waterproofing Measures

Eco-friendly techniques such as yard grading sloping, and gutters are effective in protecting your basement from moisture and leaks.

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waterproofing solutions for your yard

When waterproofing their basements and foundations, some people don’t really give much thought to the methods that they use as long as they keep water out of their homes. It’s only after some time that they realize their yard is being destroyed.

The good news is there are some eco-friendly measures you can take to keep water out of your home without damaging your yard. Let’s look at them, shall we?

Gutters and downspouts

During spring, Virginia Beach, VA, receives a lot of rain. Most of it can end up right in your yard, making it soggy or in your home’s foundation. You need to collect and channel it away properly, and this is where the good old gutters come in handy. These systems will collect all the rainwater that falls on your roof and direct them to the downspout extensions where it’s channeled to the exterior drainage. If you’ve already installed gutters, ensure they’re clean, clog-free, and big enough to hold all the water that falls on your roof. Make sure downspouts extend farther out from the perimeter of your home so it doesn’t wet the yard. You also can place downspout lines in the ground. While some digging will be required, any earth that is removed for the installation can easily be replaced. 


Ideally, your yard should slope away from the home and not toward it so water can flow out. Even if the gutters are solid, water will still flow back if you don’t grade the yard properly. For every six-inch slope, make sure the yard extends at least six feet away. Expert landscapers can help with this.

Yard grading

To bolster your waterproofing efforts, consider yard grading too. You have a number of options here, such as a berm, where piled dirt creates a mini-dam that holds water and prevents it from coming near your home. Ditches can help divert water as it gets close to your home. Both methods are effective in controlling water, especially if existing slopes channel water in the direction of your home.

Creating a gravel-filled drain can also help arrest underground water. In this method, your contractor opens up a trench below the soil, lays down a perforated pipe, and covers it with gravel. And like the other techniques we have shown you, this method is environmentally friendly. For the best results, set it up near drainage pipes or any other place where water stagnates.

Interior waterproofing

Unfortunately, even exterior solutions that are regarded as being highly effective can’t keep your basement completely dry. Implementing an interior solution makes sense in this case. Some wall coatings can stop water from getting inside, but not all are certified as being eco-friendly. The same goes for a lot of liquid sealants and PVC-based waterproofing sheets in the waterproofing industry, which falls short of environmentally friendly standards. These also are temporary solutions that will not properly or permanently address the leaking water problem.

The best way to waterproof your basement is with an interior drainage system and sump pump. Specially designed drainage tiles will be placed in the sub-floor of your basement or crawl space. These drains collect water from the wall-floor joint and direct it to a sump pump system, which then pumps the water out of and away from your home through drainage pipes.

Looking for recommendations for eco-friendly solutions for waterproofing the yard? You’re in the right place. Get in touch with us to schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection and get solid recommendations that’ll keep your yard water-free even during rainy weather.

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