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Sump pump battery backup

Do You Need A Battery Backup Sump Pump

Battery backups keep your sump pump running even when the electricity’s gone out. Is it worth it to invest in one?

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Out of the fear that their crawl space could get inundated during floods or a heavy downpour, some homeowners install sump pumps.

Sump pumps are a boom to homeowners across the nation. When you live in a place where the winters are wet and the summers threaten hurricanes, these pumps could be considered must-haves.

That said, most sump pumps rely on an electrical hookup to keep your home safe from the worst of the area’s weather. What are you supposed to do if your power goes out?

When Do Backup Battery Pumps Come In Handy?

Sometimes, when the electricity goes out or something in your pump malfunctions, you’re going to need backup waterproofing measures to support your sump pump.

What can backup a sump pump, though? The truth is that your options vary. On one hand, you can invest in additional waterproofing measures. On the other hand, you can talk about the availability of battery backup sump pumps with your local contractor. The backups are meant to help your sump pump remain operational, even when the weather knocks out your power. With a battery backup on your side, you’ll have a bit of time to reach out to the professionals in your area to either have your power restored or your sump pump fixed.

How Do Backup Battery Sump Pumps Work?

Battery sump pump backups work in almost the exact same way that standard sump pumps do. These pumps direct water out of and away from your home courtesy of underground pipes, ensuring that it doesn’t run straight back into your basement to further damage the space.

Where battery backup sump pumps and your standard sump pumps differ, however, is in their power source. Naturally, battery-powered sump pumps will forgo the plugins that sump pumps typically need. As a result, you’ll need to make sure that the battery is at full power before the weather takes a turn. As long as you take care of the battery backup pump, however, you’ll be able to rely on it when your regular sump pump goes out.

The Benefits of a Battery Backup Pump

As you’ve probably already gathered, there are some intrinsic benefits to a backup sump pump. There’s more to these pumps, though, than meets the eye. These pumps will help keep your home safe in case of an emergency, but you can also rely on them to help you out by:

  • Lowering your water and electric bills
  • Updating you on the status of your sump pump
  • Extending the life of your other waterproofing solutions

Effectively, a backup battery pump will let you better maintain your sump pump while also allowing you to save money after the initial installation. What could be better than that?

How to Install a Battery Backup Pump

Are you starting to see the benefits of a battery backup pump? Just wait, because there’s one more. In addition to being helpful around the home, whether the power’s on or not, your backup battery sump pump will be simple to install. If you find a battery backup pump you want in your home, you can install it by:

  • Attaching the unit to the wall
  • Connecting the appropriate cables to their terminals
  • Plugging the pump in
  • Testing your pump’s compatibility

That said, you may want to hold off on the DIY installation until you’ve gotten a professional’s opinion. The basement and foundation repair contractors working in your area will be able to inspect your basement and let you know whether or not they think you need a backup sump pump. Once they’ve offered you a free quote on potential services, you’ll be able to discuss the backup pumps they have available and what the installation process might look like.

As suggested above, the installation should take less than a day. You can even have these pumps installed while contractors are putting your basic sump pump in.

There’s no reason for you to lose your home to water damage, even when the power goes out. When you invest in a backup battery sump pump, you better protect yourself against variable weather.

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