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Waterproof Your Crawl Space This Winter

Your home's crawl space is incredibly vulnerable to dampness, and when water gets in, it can cause problems for your whole house.

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Winter weather in Baltimore, MD, is generally colder and wet. This might suit you just fine (we’re not all sun worshippers, after all), but it could spell real trouble for your home. Your crawl space in particular is at risk for dampness and flooding as heavy rain and snow falls begin. This risk will come around again with the spring thaw. 

Thankfully, there are some simple precautions you can take to keep your crawl space free from standing water and dampness. 

dehumidifier and encapsulated crawl space

How to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry This Winter 

Waterproofing your crawl space needn’t be an overly costly or messy process. Local experts can provide you with a free inspection and quote, so you know what to expect before you invest in the repairs. With the right insight, you can also have custom solutions applied, so you don’t need to completely replace the measures you have now, but reinforce them. Here are some of the best things you can do to protect your home this winter. 

Adress Water Seepage 

If you have an active problem with water leaking into your crawl space that leads to puddles or larger flooding, you need a way to intercept that water and effectively remove it. An interior drainage system and a sump pump will do just that. Any water that leaks into your crawl space will be collected by the interior drainage system and then directed to the sump pump so it can be pumped out of and away from your crawl space and home. 

Insulate Your Crawl Space 

Rigid foam insulation is an easy way to improve the climate in your crawl space. Not only will it help you keep out moisture (thanks to the waterproof nature of the foam), but it will control the temperature in your crawl space. This means that your crawl space will stay dry, you’ll be less likely to face a burst pipe as a result of a snap freeze, and your home will be more energy-efficient. An expert can help install this measure within an afternoon or less. 

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space 

Completely encapsulating your crawl space with a durable vapor barrier may seem like a lot of hassle, but it really isn’t. A local expert will be able to assess what your crawl space needs and suggest the right measures, whether that includes a vapor barrier or something more intense. Once you have a vapor barrier in place, you will notice a decrease in humidity, dampness, and odor in your crawl space. This will also make it a perfect place to store seasonal items. 

Install a Dehumidifier 

If you have insulated and encapsulated your crawl space and still find that you are having issues with dampness and humidity, having a professional install a dehumidifier will make all the difference. If you already have a dehumidifier but it is not controlling the climate in your crawl space to your satisfaction, it may be time to consider an upgrade. When choosing your dehumidifier, be sure you know the size of your crawl space and the levels of relative humidity (on average) that your dehumidifier will have to deal with. This will help you to get the right model for your needs. 

These simple tasks can have a huge impact on the health of your crawl space and the climate inside your home as a whole. 

Get a Check-Up 

It’s worth having a professional check out your home once a year to ensure everything is in working order. A local expert will begin by checking your crawl space for signs of dampness, structural weakness, and damage. If they identify any warning signs, they will investigate and let you know what they find. Every inspection ends with a written quote that details all of your inspector’s recommended repairs, changes, and work, as well as the cost of this work, so you can shop around. Be sure to ask about our flexible financing options. 

Call JES Foundation Repair to Care for Your Crawl Space 

Whether you already know what work needs to be done, you want some general advice, or you are worried that there may be underlying issues to deal with in your crawl space, we at JES Foundation Repair are here to help. That’s why all of our inspection appointments are free. All you need to do is contact us, and our team will happily arrange a no-obligation consultation appointment for you.

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