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The Process of Installing Insulation Explained

Installing crawl space insulation is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your home and lower your energy bills.

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Whether you’re a new homeowner looking to renovate an older property, or you want to make your long-term home a little more weather-proof, crawl space insulation is an effective, value-for-money solution. In fact, insulating your crawl space has many benefits for homes in Manassas, VA.

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The Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation 

Broadly speaking, there are three main benefits to crawl space insulation: dampness reduction, energy efficiency, and climate control. 

Dampness Reduction 

Hard foam and foam roll insulation are some of the most common insulation materials used in crawl spaces. The nature of these forms of insulation means that they are largely water retardant; once they are installed, the amount of dampness and humidity in your crawl space is likely to drop noticeably. 

Energy Efficiency 

The reduction in dampness and heat/cold loss via your crawl space post-insulation means homes with crawl space insulation are likely to see increased energy efficiency and, as a result, lowered bills. 

Climate Control 

Once your crawl space has been insulated, you will notice the climate in your home is far more stable. This is part of the reason that you are likely to have lower bills, but it offers another benefit—a more comfortable environment in both winter and summer. 

So, with all this in mind, installing crawl space insulation is a great idea! 

Installing Crawl Space Insulation 

Whether you are looking to insulate your crawl space for the first time or you want to replace wet crawl space insulation, it is best to have a professional install your crawl space insulation. This will highlight underlying issues and ensure a high standard of finish. Generally speaking, professional crawl space insulation installation has five steps: 

Step 1: Drainage 

The first thing a professional will do is assess your crawl space. Insulation cannot be safely installed in a crawl space with standing water or an active problem with dampness. As such, the first step is generally to drain and dehumidify a crawl space. This can be a very quick or very prolonged procedure; it depends on your property and the measures needed to remove water and dampness. 

Step 2: Repair Damage 

If your crawl space technician notices pre-existing structural damage to your crawl space, they will inform you and recommend a solution. Existing damage, especially damage that has a chance of continuing to spread, should be repaired before they go ahead with the insulation installation. The most common repairs needed at this stage are floor joist repairs or crack repairs. 

Step 3: Cover Vents and Doors 

Crawl space vents and access points are particularly vulnerable to dampness, dirt, and pest infiltration. Exposure to the elements can lead to these fittings warping. In this case, they will be repaired and fitted with covers to keep your crawl space secure and safe. 

Step 4: Waterproof Where Needed 

If insulation alone will not be enough to keep your crawl space dry and safe, your technician will suggest appropriate waterproofing measures. These measures can range from sump pump upgrade or installation to perimeter drain installation. If you choose to follow through with these measures, they will be installed before insulation. 

Step 5: Installation 

Once your crawl space is in the right condition to proceed, insulation installation can begin. Installation is minimally disruptive and relatively quick; depending on the size of your crawl space, installation could take one day or less. The best insulation to use is rigid ExTremeBloc™ panels, which your technician will place on the crawl space walls with special fasteners. 

Step 6: Encapsulation 

After insulation is complete, it’s best to fully encapsulate your crawl space. This measure will help keep your property dry, safe, and less attractive to pests, as well as add to the climate stabilizing effects of insulation. 

While this may seem complex, for most people, steps one through four are a matter of simple assessment before proceeding. 

Professional Assessment is the First Step 

If you want to protect your home and improve your indoor environment by installing insulation in your crawl space, the first step should always be a call to professionals. We at JES Foundation Repair offer free inspection appointments to help homeowners in our area make informed decisions about the best choices for their homes.

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