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5 Things You Can Do With Your Crawl Space After Encapsulation

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Tips to clean your crawl space

Until you clean and encapsulate your crawl space, you may never know how much valuable space you have down there. You may keep arranging and rearranging items to create space or moving things out of your home. All this can be a real hassle. Why not put your revamped crawl space to good use? Here are a few things you can do with it:

1) Valuable Storage Space

As your collection of personal items and clothing grows, you may have to find storage space inside your home. A revamped crawl space may provide you with the much-needed space to store old, unused, or seasonal items. We’re talking about 500 feet of space or more, depending on its size. You can drag your gardening tools, craft supplies, and bikes down until you need them. In doing so, it will help clear clutter.

2) Pantry

If your pantry is full but you still feel the need to stock up, don’t pile up food items or stash them in your kitchen cabinets. Ensure you store long-term food in sealed plastic containers so as to discourage gnawing pests from enjoying your future delicacies. You can also bring your canned fruit and bottled water down there. Keep temperatures at an optimum and run your dehumidifier to prevent mold growth, which thrives in humid spaces.

3) Workspace

As well as storing your items, your revamped crawl space with a high ceiling can serve as a work area where you can complete different projects. Bring all your tools down there, create a working area, and work without disturbance. Make sure you have sufficient lighting so you can minimize accidents, and also be mindful of any electrical cables and plumbing in that area.

4) Home Theater

If you’re yearning to create a dedicated home theater but don’t have an extra room in your home, converting your crawl space into one could be an option. Draw up a plan and soundproof the room using a layer of drywall to give it the best sound. Because this space is underground, you won’t have to worry about different kinds of disturbances. You can watch your favorite movies in peace. To maximize lighting effects, install dimmers, rope lights, and recessed lights.

5) Play area

Not only can you store old toys or gifts you plan to give your kids and grandkids, but you also have an additional area where the youngsters can play without having to worry about their safety. Now that you have a clean, dry, healthy crawl space, the kids can play down there all they want. This can be a great area for hide-and-seek or playing house.

Ways to Make Your Crawl Space Usable

Just because your crawl space is clean and dry doesn’t mean it’s ready for use. You still need to prepare it a bit so it can serve its new purpose well.

Consider installing a dehumidifier to control moisture and prevent condensation, which can cause rotting and mold growth.

Remember to package your belongings properly. We suggest you store items in clean, dry storage containers with secure lids. Durable plastic will deter gnawing pests from biting your belongings and act as a barrier against moisture and dust. 

At JES Foundation Repair, we offer fast and hassle-free crawl space insulation, encapsulation, and waterproofing services to families across Baltimore. To get started, schedule a free crawl space inspection with our professionals.

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