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5 Home Checklist Items for Hurricane Season 2019

Hurricane Season is right around the corner. Make sure your home is safe from this season by completeing these 5 checklist items.

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Who’s ready for hurricane season? Said no one ever! What is most important is knowing whether or not your home is ready for this hurricane season. With only a few weeks left before the official start of the season, make sure you have checked these items off your home checklist!

  • Check for leaks.

One thing you don’t want is flooding to happen in places that could have been easily prevented. Check your home for cracks in the foundation or your walls, where rainwater will have easy access into your home. Also, search for areas that have already had prior leaks or that are currently leaking. Fix those areas of your home to help prevent major flooding from happening in the event of a hurricane.

  • Do you have a sump pump?

If your home already has a sump pump installed, then make sure you double check that it is functioning properly. For homes that have no sump pump, look into installing one before hurricane season arrives. Sump pumps will keep your home dry in the event of flooding and help alert you if water levels in your basement or crawl space are getting to high. JES offers multiple sump pumps for your home.

  • Drainage Systems.

Not only should your home have a sump pump installed, but it should also have a proper drainage system installed to help guide excess water away from your home and its foundation.
JES offers the BasementGutter solution for drainage for your home. BasementGutter works hand in hand with our sump pump system to help keep your home dry.

  • Clean Gutters.

Make sure any gutters or downspouts you have are cleaned out and have a free route to send away from your home. If these are backed up with leaves and other debris, then water from rain will become stuck, gather around your home and foundation, and will cause foundation problems and flooding.

  • Check Doors and Windows.

Any doors and windows that may be broken, not closing properly, or stuck could contribute to damage to your home in the event of a hurricane. Check all of your home’s windows and doors for any damage or difficulty opening and closing.

Hurricane Damage - 5 Home Checklist Items for Hurricane Season 2019

Hurricane season is not a time to act lightly on home preparation. Hurricanes can cause major damage and cost you a lot of money if repairs are in order. Just last year in 2018, 33 billion dollars were accounted for damage costs and there were 154 fatalities according to WeatherBug, and the majority of those costs came from only 2 hurricanes.

In worse cases, you may have a prior foundation problem contributing to the problems with your doors and windows. Have an inspector come to your home to check this to be double and triple safe before this hurricane season.

Do not take the chance this hurricane season, with last year being an above normal season, there is no telling what the 2019 Hurricane Season will bring. Call JES Foundation Repair at (757) 301-4820 or fill out the form to have an inspector come check your home’s foundation.

Be prepared.

Hurricane 2019 Names:

Andrea | Barry | Chantal | Dorian | Erin | Fernand | Gabrielle | Humberto | Imelda | Jerry | Karen | Lorenzo | Melissa | Nestor | Olga | Sebastien | Tanya | Van | Wendy

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