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professional basement wall sealant

Want to Waterproof the Basement Using Sealants?

While sealants can fix cracks and leaks for a short time, they won’t help you create and maintain a dry, clean basement for years.

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professional basement wall sealant

Sealing leaky basements isn’t as simple as applying wall paint and waiting for it to dry up. Different basement issues require different techniques and methods to fix them. If you notice cracks on your walls, don’t grab a DIY repair kit and start fixing it. Inspect the cracks and call your local contractor to investigate it further so you can understand what you’re dealing with.

A common habit among homeowners in Baltimore is to go for sealants, which they consider a quick, cheap, and hassle-free fix. Despite the fact that many DIY repair shows vouch for them, we won’t advise you to go this route. Read on to find out why.

Should I Use DIY Sealants?

Sealants can provide temporary relief against basement leaks. What makes them enticing to homeowners is that they’re cheaper and easier to apply than other solutions. A single wall paint application can hold up for several months to two years. Even though the sealant will seal up the cracks, it doesn’t resolve the underlying issue, which instigated the cracks.

But what happens when the cracks grow wide? Temporary sealants can’t help in such situations. The best policy is to carry out an inspection and uncover what the root cause is. Otherwise, any attempt to reapply the sealant yourself will be an exercise in futility.

In the same vein, avoid easy crack repairs as they’re only skin deep. Efflorescence can break off the seal and water pressure can peel it off. Such solutions also won’t be of any use when you’re repairing cracks on damp concrete walls. This means you’re going to wait for days or even weeks for the wall or floor to dry before you can carry out repairs.

Before you decide to use wall paint or other temporary sealants, find out the cause of the crack and resolve it. Water might be one of them, so stop any seepage before you do the repair. Also, ensure that no further movement occurs. If the concrete floor or wall is subject to further movement, your DIY fix won’t be of any help.

Are Any Sealants Effective?

There’s only so much that sealants like wall paint can do in keeping your basement dry and clean, so you can’t rely on them to keep out water forever. A wall repair system like carbon fiber is a much better solution. Ten times stronger than steel, it can seal up cracks and stop water seepage. A wall crack repair also delivers better results as the carbon fiber straps permanently hold the cracking wall in its current position and prevent any further movement. 

When dealing with perennial moisture issues or water problems, you’ll want a solution that controls water and moisture. This means looking for solutions that can address water issues before they cause problems. One of these is the interior water drainage, which can stop water buildup. It also is easy to install and couples well with other waterproofing systems.

Should I Perform a DIY Crack Repair?

Well, that depends on the nature and extent of cracks. Simple hairline cracks can be fixed using wall crack systems. Larger cracks are a completely different animal, and they require serious intervention,  especially if soil shifts occur. The contractor may have to lift the concrete and apply polyurethane or install piers to restore the floor to the original position.

As much as you’d like to fix the crack on your own, we can tell you that your enthusiasm may not match the experience required to do a flawless repair. Many people embark on repairs only to realize fixing cracks isn’t as simple as filling a standard caulk gun and pulling the trigger handle, so it’s best if you let basement waterproofing and foundation repair professionals do the job.

Another reason is that you may not have access to all the necessary tools to perform complete basement repairs. Basement professionals are well-equipped, and this enables them to work faster and do thorough repairs promptly.

Are you tired of seeing those ugly basement wall cracks in your home? Schedule a leaky basement wall inspection and get a free estimate plus solid recommendations to fix cracks and stop moisture issues.

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