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How To Fix Drainage Problems

How To Fix Drainage Problems

Here are the best solutions for homeowners looking to fix drainage issues.

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Your question may be, how to fix drainage problems, but the answer isn’t so simple. Without proper drainage, your home’s foundation is at serious risk. Furthermore, the consequences of poor drainage can be hazardous to your family.

First and foremost, if your home isn’t draining water away from your foundation, it simply isn’t working. Water flow next to your foundation can create major structural problems and wet basements or crawl spaces. Here are the best solutions for homeowners looking to fix drainage issues.

How To Fix Drainage Problems

Regular Cleaning

It’s important to regularly clean out your gutters and downspouts. This prevents clogging and will help guide water flow away from your home.  When your gutters are backed up and water flows directly off your roof, moisture builds up around the outside of your foundation and creates pressure that causes cracks and other structural damage.

Yard Grading

Ensure the ground slopes away from your home in all directions. Find the drainage problem areas around your home and make soil adjustments to prevent damage in the future.

Install a Drainage System

Install a drainage system at the footing of your foundation if you have a major water problem. A French drain can be put in place, along with a sump pump, to remove any water from your foundation.

How to Fix Drainage Problems: Clogged Gutters

In this case, a trench is dug around your foundation’s footing. Next, a layer of gravel is laid to the bottom of the trench. A pipe is then placed atop the gravel with drilled holes so it can accept water. Lastly, more gravel is laid on top of the pipe, followed by a fabric which acts as a filter to prevent debris from clogging the French drain. A sump pump is usually connected to the drain to remove any water from your crawl space or basement.

When you have doubts about your foundation and drainage, it’s best to have your home inspected. At JES, inspections are free and give you the best solution for your home’s specific needs. Are you still wondering how to fix drainage problems? Make the necessary adjustments, prepare your home, and have your foundation inspected to locate and fix any current issues.

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