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Understanding Basement Repair Methods

There are many solutions to basement problems and each basement repair method is unique to your basement’s needs.

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Have you been experiencing basement problem signs such as wet walls, wet floors or a musty basement smell? If so, you are in need of basement repair and possibly a basement waterproofing solution.

There are many solutions to basement problems and each basement repair method is unique to your basement’s needs.

Basement Repair

Tackling Humidity and Condensation Problems

crawl space dehumidifier

JES Basement Dehumidifier

 A basement dehumidifier, such as a JES Dehumidifier, is great to prevent humidity and condensation problems. Controlling basement humidity is important in terms of basement repair. Unchecked dampness can lead to mold growth, wood rotting fungus, and dust mites. Mold can damage and destroy materials and items in your basement and cause serious health problems. A JES Dehumidifier is extremely powerful and is specifically designed to dry your entire basement.

Water Drainage Systems

Built in wall drainage with no open gaps on the floor


A BasementGutter™ drainage system is designed to permanently solve your basement water problems. BasementGutter™ is a patented interior basement waterproofing solution that revolutionized previous basement repair solutions. Unlike traditional French drains, BasementGutter™ has a design that separates the system from the soil under your basement floor, so it won’t clog. It also has a special wall flange that prevents floor dirt and debris from entering. A BasementGutter™ system is applicable to all foundation types including block, poured concrete and stone.

Safe Dri Sump Pump Pro Plus with Battery Back up

Sump Pumps

Only an effective waterproofing system can keep a basement dry. The most important component of that system is a reliable, long-lasting sump pump. The JES family of SafeDri™.

Sump Pumps provides options to meet whatever level of waterproofing protection your home requires. JES SafeDri™.

Sump Pump Systems are available in several sizes and configurations, depending on if the application is for a basement, crawl space, foundation, or a more serious flooding issue that requires industrial strength support.

Basement Wall Bowing

Wall Anchors

Foundation Wall Anchors

If your basement walls are bowing, then foundation wall anchors are a solution to strengthen and repair them. Foundation wall anchors are designed with three main parts: an exterior earth anchor, an interior wall plate, and a connecting steel rod. Together, they all work to counteract the pressure being exerted against your bowing basement wall.

carbon fiber basement wall repair

Carbon Fiber Wall Repair

Carbon Fiber basement wall repair is a state-of-the-art wall reinforcement system that can restore the value of your home. The Carbon Fiber system is 10-times stronger than steel and is installed flat against your bowed or cracked walls. The unique straps are flexible, which allows them to mold to your basement walls. Moreover, the Carbon Fiber gives you a strong and long lasting wall stabilization solution – and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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