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Basement Design: What to Think About

Before implementing your basement design ideas its important to keep waterproofing on your mind.

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Designing your basement can be an exciting yet, overwhelming occasion. If your basement is designed properly, it can be a source of added space for you and your family. In fact, when you actually crunch the numbers, you will realize your basement design and finishing costs do not even compare to the costs you would have if you decided to add an additional room to your home.

basement design

Your basement design and finishing costs are around $50-$70 per square foot whereas adding an additional room will cost you around $120-$220 per square foot. Meaning, on average the cost of finishing your basement is $70-$150 less per square foot than the cost of an additional room.

“On average the cost of finishing your basement is $70-$150 less per square foot than the cost of an additional room.”

Basement Design Elements

  • Lighting

Basements normally do not get a lot of natural lighting. Therefore, it is important you incorporate an adequate supply of overhead and floor lighting within your basement design.

  • Electrical Outlets

Having an adequate number of electrical outlets is also important when thinking about your basement design project. In the event your basement has a water or moisture problem, contractors may need to install basement waterproofing products such as a basement dehumidifier, which requires an electrical source.

Carpeted basement floors take longer to dry in the event of flooding or water leakage.

  • Flooring

Certain types of flooring function better in your basement than others. Traditional hardwood floors are problematic due to the high amount of humidity within your basement. Carpeting a basement floor is not the best choice either, because in the event your basement floods, your carpet can be very hard to dry out. Engineered hardwoods are an okay option for basements, however vinyl tiles are the best choice because they are easy to maintain and care for.

  • Wall Color

Dark paint or paneling on your walls can make your basement feel more like a dungeon than a nice extra living space. In order to avoid a dark and gloomy basement, it is recommended that you stick to lighter colors in regards to basement design.

  • Sealing Off the Ceiling

Some interior designs may recommend sealing off the ceiling for a “more aesthetic” basement design. However, if you seal your ceiling then you will not be able to easily access your home’s wiring or water pipes in the event of an electrical or plumbing problem.

  • Protect Your Investment

Before implementing your basement design ideas its important to keep waterproofing on your mind. Just think about it…Why are you going to go through all the trouble of designing a great basement, to then have it damaged by a water problem? Have a qualified waterproofing professional come out and waterproof your basement before you have a problem with a water issue, and before you spend all the time and money remodeling your basement.

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