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Basement Flooding – Is a Dehumidifier Really Helpful?

In case your home floods, get a sump pump to drain out the water and a dehumidifier to bring moisture levels down then resolve underlying issues.

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No one wants to imagine what could happen when their basement or other parts of their home gets flooded in a storm. But sometimes Virginia Beach, VA, weather has other plans. Storm flooding is a possibility. And it can overwhelm external drains and send copious amounts of water right into your basement. When this happens, you’re likely to feel helpless and unsure of your next move.

Like every frantic homeowner, the first thing that comes to mind is how you can get water out of your home fast. You may weigh different solutions and even toy with the idea of buying a dehumidifier, but is it really worth it? We’ll tell you what we think and show you what to do in the aftermath of a flood.

Drying your flooded basement

The truth is a dehumidifier won’t be of much use when your basement is overrun by water as it will only remove moisture. What about the two or so feet of water that’s sitting on the basement floor?

You will need to get a sump pump as it can move out huge volumes of water out of your basement within a short time. Install it at the lowest point of your basement.

Some people don’t see the sense of buying sump pumps because they’ve never experienced a flooded basement. The ugly truth is your basement could flood at any time, and you never know where the water could come from. We’d rather you be safe by taking preventive measures right now than be sorry for overlooking the importance of a sump pump.

What next after a basement flood?

Once the floodwater clears up, resolve the issues that contributed to basement flooding. Check your gutters and downspout extensions and ensure they channel water away from your walls. Inspect the external drains and unclog them if they’re blocked.

Storm flooding isn’t the only thing that’s going to assault your basement. Water from leaking or burst pipes may hurt your basement too. So it’s important that you check and fix the pipes before they inundate the basement with water. Be on the lookout for damp basement floors and wet walls.

We also encourage you to install an interior drainage system in your basement to prevent water from gaining momentum and spilling over onto your basement floor. This system comprises a specially designed drainage channel that collects leaking water and directs it to drain into a sump pump system. Your basement waterproofing contractor in Virginia Beach will cut a trench around the perimeter of your basement floor, set the drainage channel in place then fill the trench with drainage gravel before patching the slab with fresh concrete.

If flooding occurs because of landscaping issues, consider grading your yard. Grading will help stop surface water from running into your home’s perimeter and onto your foundation.

And then there’s the issue of mold growth. Water fosters the growth of mold and mildew. You may need to do some tests depending on how long water stood in your basement.

Tame moisture using a basement dehumidifier

Just because you’ve drained out the floodwaters doesn’t mean the basement is safe. It’s highly likely that some of the water may have evaporated and now hovers around the atmosphere, waiting to condense. This is where a dehumidifier will come in handy.

A trustworthy dehumidifier will clean and filter the air, and improve the overall air quality throughout your home. All the while, it also will control moisture and humidity, as well as reduce odors and the potential for mold growth.

If you’re going to invest in a dehumidifier, we recommend a self-draining unit that can be directed to drain into your perimeter drainage system or sump pump system. That way, there are no buckets or reservoirs you have to worry about emptying, like with typical dehumidifiers. It’s also best to get one that is energy-efficient and can help save on your utility bills.

Have a flooded basement? Not sure of what to do with it? Schedule a free basement flooding inspection and find out what problems ail your basement and how best we can solve them. Whether you want to install a sump pump or fix basement cracks, we’ve got your back.

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