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4 Solutions to Waterproof the Basement of Your Home

Many waterproofing solutions exist. Find out the best ways to waterproof your basement and keep it clean and dry.

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waterproof a basement

Homeowners are not strangers to damp basements. Water can enter their basements in many ways. What counts is what measures you take to stop it before it causes problems. And this means looking at a variety of waterproofing solutions and how they can help you create that dry and clean basement you’ve always wanted.

In this article, we’ll show you five useful waterproofing solutions that your local basement waterproofing contractor might recommend for a clean, dry, warm, comfortable home.

1) Interior Drainage

Cracks on your walls can allow water to cascade downward and into the basement floor. To stop water from gaining momentum and flowing into the center of the basement, install an interior drainage system. Your contractor will create a trench along the perimeter of your concrete floor, insert a specially designed pipe that will collect seeping water, and then fill up the trench with gravel before sealing it. 

2) Sump Pumps

When rainwater threatens your basement, a sump pump can be your only hope against fast-moving surface water. Make it part of your flood protection and you won’t have to deal with water damage. Water collected from your interior drainage system will drain into your sump pump. Your sump pump then pumps this water out of and away from your home, keeping your basement dry. It’s best to install it in the lowest section. A good sump pump should serve you for several years.

3) Dehumidifier

Moisture levels tend to go up during humid and hot summer months in Baltimore. Condensation can occur and high humidity levels can cause problems such as mold growth, wood rot, peeling wall paint, and warping floors. Don’t let moisture take over your basement. Get a dehumidifier with a self-drainage system and remove excess moisture from the air inside the basement.

4) Plastic Vapor Barrier

Your concrete basement walls can hold moisture for many years. You may not realize moisture or water is building up until cracks start appearing. To stop water from seeping through your walls, cover it with a thick and durable plastic vapor barrier liner. Once it’s installed, it helps keep water out and insulates this space.

Are you looking for a professional and dependable basement waterproofing company? Schedule a free basement waterproofing inspection today and get lasting solutions to your moisture or water problems.

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