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Residential Wall Anchors – The Challenge

Mike and Lisa Trujillo purchased their home in 2007 in the quaint Aquia Harbor community. They knew the home had structural repairs but a home inspection and a “guarantee” on the previous work put their minds at ease. However, a couple of months after moving in, they saw cracks in the basement walls. They contacted they company who had performed the previous work only to discover that they had gone out of business and the guarantee they thought they had did not exist.

The cracks continued to get worse—stair step cracks around the basement blocks appeared and a section of the basement wall began to bow and an upper corner of the block broke away. Realizing that the situation was only getting worse and their home’s structure deteriorating, the Trujillo’s called JES to assess the situation.

Residential Wall Anchors – The Solution

The JES team of certified structural repair inspectors and professional engineers analyzed the situation and soil surrounding the home. It was discovered that the foundation was on poorly compacted, heavy clay soil with shrink/swell qualities. Shrink/swell means that according to the level of moisture, the soil when dry pulls away from the foundation or when very wet, pushes against it.

Wall anchors were selected as the ideal foundation support solution given that they will stabilize the walls and prevent further bowing without the cost and disruption of foundation replacement. 11 anchors were installed 5 feet apart and the anchor rods extended 10 feet out from the inside of the wall and 36 inches below exterior surface grade.

Residential Wall Anchors – Project Summary

JES installed 11 JES wall anchors. The wall anchor system stabilized the walls experiencing distress and prevented further inward bowing. A unique benefit of the system is the ability to tighten the anchors when the soil shrinks to enable possible improvement and straightening of the bowing wall.

Residential Wall Anchors

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The Team

JES Project Engineer: Scott Davis, PE
Certified JES Inspector: Barry Kennedy
Installing Contractor: JES, Chester, VA

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