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 Pros of a Basement Dehumidifier

If your home has a wet or damp basement, it can affect you and your family. A wet basement contaminates the air, causes mold and mildew growth, increases energy bills, and attracts rodents and bugs to your home. Below are a few reasons why having the right basement dehumidifier within your home is essential.JES Basement Dehu

Air Quality

Owning a basement dehumidifier will help improve the air quality within your home, which can positively impact your family’s health.

Mold and Mildew

A basement dehumidifier removes moisture from the air in the basement, which eliminates the possibility of mold growth and mildew. Having a dehumidifier also helps rid your basement of nasty odors.

Rodents and Bugs

A wet, damp, and cold basement attracts unwanted rodents and bugs to your home. Having a basement dehumidifier creates a dry environment that helps keep out unwanted pests.

Controls Electricity

It takes more energy to cool and heat wet air. Basement dehumidifiers help control the amount of humidity in your home, allowing you to keep your thermostat at a desired temperature. Having an energy-rated, commercial grade dehumidifier will help you reduce your energy costs.

You may think that it is too costly to have a basement dehumidifier, but it actually pays for itself in the long run. Considering the amount of time you and your family spend inside the home, is it really an investment you can afford not to make?

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