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Welcoming Hurricane Season 2019

Storms of the 2019 hurricane season are fast approaching as the southern part of our country begins to experience major flooding and mandatory evacuations pre- Tropical Storm Barry. Starting since Wednesday, Louisiana, specifically around the New Orleans area, has undergone major thunderstorms followed by high levels of flooding.

These parts of Louisiana are now under a state of emergency and its residents are under mandatory evacuation. This tropical storm began brewing in the Gulf of Mexico, and experts are stating this tropical storm will most likely turn into a category 1 hurricane as it hits land tonight or early tomorrow morning.

This is the first storm of the 2019 hurricane season and rainfall has reached up to 8 inches in some parts of Louisiana. It is predicted that rainfall will reach up to 18 inches as the storm continues, according to the AccuWeather report and Hurricane Weather Expert Dan Kottlowski, who is stating the major concern is the life-threatening flooding which will take place. hurricaneYou’re probably thinking, how does this apply to you or the area where you live? Although the Virginia and Carolina coastlines are not directly in contact with Louisiana and its bordering states, there is a high chance the Virginia and Carolinas will be a victim to storms similar or worse than Barry. It is just the start of the season, and the U.S. is about to experience major flooding, evacuations, and soon to be major damage repair costs for just a few of the southern states. Imagine once the season is over, how much damage there will be throughout the southeastern coast.

Virginia and Carolina coasts may not experience a storm as bad as what Barry will be, but any tropical storm or hurricane will still cause damage for homeowners. WavyNews10 of Virginia has already taken precautions in educating people on the predictions of this hurricane season and how it will affect Virginia down to the Carolinas.

If your home is not protected properly, tropical storms and hurricanes will cause impactful water damage to your home. JES Foundation Repair understands the importance of your family and your home’s safety during these storms. Be sure to check all the items on the JES hurricane preparation checklist, to help prepare for the upcoming storms!

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