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Hurricane Season 2015

Don't let hurricane season catch you by surprise. You can help prevent significant damage to your home by installing flood vents and keeping up to date with the weather.

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Heavy rainfall and flooding caused by hurricane season can have a devastating impact on your home.

The mid-Atlantic region has an impressive hurricane history. For instance, in 2003, Hurricane Isabel caused over $625 million in damages across the state of Virginia and left many homeowners picking up the pieces of their most prized investments. Almost ten years later, Hurricane Sandy pummeled the New Jersey coast and dumped record-breaking rainfall in the Carolinas, Virginia, and Maryland.

Preventing floods altogether sounds great, but it can be expensive and—in some instances—impossible. So, the question remains: how can you prepare your home to perform well during hurricane season where flooding is likely?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) confirmed that floods are America’s number one natural disaster. Property owners in flood-prone areas are ready for sustainable and cost-effective methods of preserving their homes and businesses, but many are unaware of such options. If you are seeking a more permanent solution for your recurring flood problem that doesn’t involve giving up your home, you should consider having flood vents installed.

SMART VENT flood vents protect your home from floodwaters and can help lower your flood insurance premium by as much as 83 percent.

Your Foundation and Flood Vents

A foundation is one of the most important parts of any building. If your home’s foundation were to be damaged by floodwaters, the structural integrity of your entire house would be compromised.

During a flood, hydrostatic pressure builds up, exerting force on foundation walls which can cause structural failure. SMART VENT flood vents are engineered to help your foundation withstand this type of water pressure. When floodwaters rise, the specially designed vent door unhooks and allows water to flow in and out of the crawl space. This process helps keep your foundation intact and reduces structural damage from hydrostatic pressure.

These flood vents are FEMA-compliant and ICC-ES evaluated. Once you have the vents properly installed, you will qualify for a lower flood insurance premium. Installing flood vents is a preferred flood mitigation technique when compared to rebuilding or lifting your entire property; such undertakings are costly and labor-intensive.

“The Challenge of Mitigating Virginia’s Flooding and Sea Level Rise Impacts” a report indicated the average cost to raise a house (as a flood-proofing measure) would be $185,000, a figure many homeowners cannot afford. Since standard homeowners insurance does not cover flooding, now is an ideal time to ensure your home is ready for heavy rains and major storms.

After you determine your flood risk, you will be in a better position to protect your home and save money in the long run. While you can’t prevent or predict (with 100 percent accuracy) the next flooding event, you can put proven mechanisms in place, such as FEMA-compliant flood vents, to help safeguard your property against major structural damage.

To find out more about retrofitting SMART VENT flood vents and whether your home is eligible for installation, contact us for a free foundation inspection and estimate.

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