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Moisture is your home’s number one enemy. And if you’re not 100% sure your home is mold free, it’s certainly worth it to find out. Any mold living under your home, in your basement or crawl space, affects your health. It will travel through air ducts and vents into your living space – and that’s the air you breathe

Did you know that relative humidity greater than 55% encourages mold growth? This is also the desired humidity level for dust mites, another source of health problems. Detection, treatment, and prevention will ultimately solve your home’s mold problems. Take the first step by requesting your free, no obligation inspection by our team of professionals at JES.

More Crawl Space Solutions: What Do I Do Next?

Take the first step to a worry-free foundation by requesting your free, no obligation estimate (a $399 value) from JES! Our professional foundation repair experts will evaluate your individual needs and propose a solution tailored to you and your home. And remember, we’re consultants…not salesmen! We’re here to help!